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About Northshore Industries

We are certified and an eligible company. We give 24/7 services, in case of any emergency you can call us and avail our services on time and also at any place. It doesn’t matter where you live and where you need our help. We are always ready and highly willing to give you our best services.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have professional and trained team members and high quality concrete materials and advanced equipment and tools which we use for our work. Our professionals complete your work on time, and do quality work within a most affordable budget.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Manhattan NY


Northshore Industries Inc. is the best company who gives the best quality at a reasonable budget as compared to any other company in the world. We offer masonry/ concrete, interior renovation, bathroom remodeling, bricks repair, driveway concrete, and also we offer sidewalk concrete at the best price.


We are the best manufacturers of masonry and concrete. We make high quality masonry and concrete because we know very well about the importance of masonry and concrete in the construction. While you are constructing a house, an office or a building these are based on concrete. Your concrete and masonry will be stronger, your house, building or your office will be strong and protected from some natural disasters.

Interior Renovation

We offer you the latest designs, patterns, and many other services according to trends for the interior of your house, office and also for buildings. We provide you different ceiling patterns, different tile designs, and a lot of colors for paints. With these offers we provide you with a team of professionals who know the work very well and make the interior of your house most attractive and unique according to current requirements.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom’s remodeling plays an important role in the attraction of your house. We have a huge collection of bathroom remodeling styles. We make small separate portions in the bathroom which give a unique and a comfort look to your bathroom. We manage all the basic needs and requirements in the structure of your bathroom. We make separate areas for taking showers, and separate for flush and also separate for washing purposes and add a closet in the bathrooms.

Bricks Repair

Bricks play the highest role in supporting the structure of your Building. Bricks are the major building blocks of a building. You use it for residential or commercial areas so it must be of high quality because it gives support to the whole building and protects it from damaging and other dangerous disasters. We make a high quality and strongest brick ever and our professional workers know very well how to arrange bricks in the buildings.

Driveway Concrete

Driveway concrete is used as a hard block on the roads, which are made in different colors, designs and patterns. They are supposed to manufacture a high quality of material because it is used on roads and the pressure of bikes, cars, big trucks depends on the roads. That’s why we have to make strong driveway concrete blocks that can easily bear the pressure of bikes, cars and trucks and never get damaged.

Sidewalk Concrete

Sidewalk concrete is made up of thick concrete slabs. It is much stronger as compared to tiles. We use high material concrete on the slab and fix it on the target area. It is also used in bridges, and in portioned roofs to protect the interior from rain water. It also covers the sewage areas. The sidewalk concrete is manufactured in many designs, patterns and colors. We offer you the best quality sidewalk concrete in high and thick quality at the most reasonable price.


  • Professional workers
  • Friendly environment
  • Reasonable prices
  • Unique and latest designs


McFadden Hunsicker

Happy and highly satisfied with their service

Nelson Fred

They have many latest designs and high quality materials for remodeling purposes.

Victoria Schroeder

I highly recommend this company, their workers are cooperative and professional.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have a team of professionals and trained workers and also we offer high quality Concrete at the most affordable price.

    Masonry restoration and cleaning is the changing of the interior of the building and introducing many new trendy, latest and unique things in the buildings.

    If the decorations of your interior get older then we need to repair it according to the latest fashion.

    As we mentioned above, we charge a low cost on our services and provide you the highest material in a reasonable range. The masonry cost depends on the style and the look you want.


    Best Masonry Restoration Contractors The Bronx NY

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      We are certified and an eligible company. We give 24/7 services, in case of any emergency you can call us and avail our services on time and also at any place. It doesn’t matter where you live and where you need our help. We are always ready and highly willing to give you our best services.

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