Best Roofing Contractor In Queens NY Northshore Industries Inc. is the Best Roofing Contractor in Queens, NY. The roof is the most essential element of any building or house; it protects your family, occupants, or clients' health and well-being. At any time, New York weather may cause a natural disaster, inflicting damage to even the strongest roofs. If the roof is not repaired after a storm, the damage will worsen and the repairs will become more expensive. If you find yourself in this scenario, you have two choices: repair the problem yourself or hire a professional roofer. Many people feel that the do-it-yourself approach is the best, and although it may save you money, it may wind up costing you more if repairs are not done correctly. Contact Now Best Roofing Contractor In Queens NY Northshore Industries Inc. offers affordable roofing and construction services. Roofing necessitates certain skills, knowledge, and experience. This is critical because a damaged roof endangers everyone who lives beneath it. We can offer you a complete roof inspection to examine the damage and condition of your roof at Northshore Industries Inc. Contact Now

About Northshore Industries

For decades, Northshore Industries Inc. has worked on various roofing projects all around the world, from manufacturing facilities to houses. Northshore Industries Inc. is the best roofing repair company. We are among great residential roofing repair companies.

Northshore Industries Inc. provides a comprehensive documentation package to help owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to choose repair concepts, procedures, and materials, as well as create specifications and bidding documents. We are known as the best local roof repair contractors. Our knowledgeable Technical Services Department can also instruct site engineers, applicators, and contractors on how to use and apply our products.

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Northshore Industries Inc offers the services of Masonry/Concrete, Interior Renovation, Basement Renovation, Bricks Repair, Driveway Concrete, and Sidewalk Concrete. We offer professional bath remodeling services.


Masonry is an important part of our work on commercial and residential constructions in New York. Machines will never be able to replace the knowledge and precision of our skilled masons, whether they are working with brick, block, tile, terra-cotta, or stone. Our professional masonry teams will collaborate directly with the general contractor to construct any commercial or residential project using the material of your choice, such as brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, and limestone; concrete block, glass block, stucco, or tile.
Northshore Industries Inc. is one of the top concrete driveway repair firms in the area. 

Interior Renovation

Northshore Industries Inc. is New York’s top interior design firm. Every homeowner wants a practical and visually attractive house interior, but not all interiors achieve this aim. Living in your house may become inconvenient if it does not provide you with the space, function, or beauty you desire. Northshore Industries’ goal is to serve as your professional advisor. We take the time to listen to your objectives and ambitions before developing a strategy that meets both your expectations and your budget.
Our interior design services increase the value of your house while also improving your quality of life. All of our interior remodeling services include a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, providing you with industry-leading assurance that we stand behind our work.

Bathroom Remodeling

Northshore Industries Inc. can relieve your concerns by developing the ideal renovated bathroom based on your design ideas. Our dealers are educated and qualified to use our time-tested goods to their best capacity, bringing comfort and value to your home. Northshore Industries Inc. provides outstanding bathroom renovation services in New York.
When a bathroom is completed, it is changed from a dismal, empty place into a stunning finished bathroom. The space is designed, rooms are created, and finishing alternatives are thoroughly researched.

Bricks Repair

Northshore Industries Inc. has been conducting brick repair and restoration work for over 25 years and provides a guarantee on all repairs and restorations. We have restored brick and stone structures around the New York area throughout the years.
Our experienced staff is committed to repairing your broken brickwork while preserving the character of your home. A great deal of control, patience, and sheer tenacity are required to restore the function and beauty.

Driveway Concrete

Northshore Industries Inc. strives to make each concrete driveway a secure, sturdy location for your vehicles while also increasing visual attractiveness. Furthermore, because of our expertise and knowledge, we can perform your installation fast and inexpensively.
Our team of concrete professionals can assist you in designing the ideal driveway, taking into account size, form, location, and other factors. We will prepare the space and pour your high-quality concrete mixture after we have received all of the details. Following that, we’ll level out and complete your driveway. When the concrete is dry, you’ll have a beautiful, long-lasting driveway that compliments the outside of your house or company.

Sidewalk Concrete

A walkable neighborhood has tree-lined streets with enough walkways. People strolling to and from businesses suggest a safe and pleasant environment. Large, separated-from-traffic walkways entice families.
Northshore Industries Inc. employs cutting-edge techniques and materials to provide the finest service possible to our corporate clients. Repair and full replacement are two of our concrete pavement options in New York. We collaborate with house builders and business owners to provide trustworthy construction services and high-quality concrete.


Northshore Industries Inc. is the Best Roofing Contractor in Queens, NY. We offer the best roof installation and repair services. Our specialties Include:
  • Licensed & Insured: Northshore Industries Inc. is a licensed and insured roofing contractor..
  • Offer Unbeatable Value: We do not promise to have the lowest pricing all of the time, but we do claim to have the best value.
  • Wealth of Experience: Our previous experience with different roofing materials and systems has provided us with a broad variety of knowledge in the roofing sector.

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McFadden Hunsicker

Quick and accommodating service. Excellent business with a really personal touch. Northshore Industries Inc. is the best and offers cheap roof replacement near me. It is one of the best roof replacement companies.

Nelson Fred

From the initial phone conversation through the filing of the warranty, this firm is outstanding! This year, I've dealt with a lot of home renovation firms, and Northshore Industries Inc. is at the top of my list. Northshore Industries Inc. offers roof repair specialists near me.

Victoria Schroeder

Excellent work on fixing and rebuilding our roof. Thanks. Northshore Industries Inc. is one of the best roofing companies in Queens, NY. They offer highly trained roof leak repair contractors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Northshore Industries Inc. is the best roofing company in Queens, NY. We are the providers of the best roofing repairs service in NY.

    Check the licensing, price, experience and ask about your nature of work.

    Roof replacement expenses typically vary between $5,100 and $10,000, but it may cost as little as $1,200 or as much as $30,000. Many roofers will charge between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot.

    There are numerous reasons why hiring a professional roofer is preferable than doing it yourself. Roofing is inherently risky since a fall from a roof can cause significant injury or death. Roofers are equipped with specific equipment and training to assist prevent accidents.


    Best Roofing Contractor In Queens NY

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      For decades, Northshore Industries Inc. has worked on various roofing projects all around the world, from manufacturing facilities to houses. Northshore Industries Inc. is the best roofing repair company. We are among great residential roofing repair companies.

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