Best Waterproofing Company in Greenville PA

McCowien Construction is the best waterproofing company in Greenville
PA. As a family-owned business, we care a lot about our reputation. That’s why we always try to give you excellent services at affordable rates. Our workers are highly professional and provide the most durable services.

Our mission is to create and deliver simple-to-use, dependable, and long-lasting solutions for the safeguarding of houses and buildings so that we can improve people’s standard of living while also protecting the environment.

About McCowien Construction

If a property's exterior or structure has a flaw, water slowly exploits it and infiltrates the structure. McCowien Construction’s skilled workers are exceptionally able to detect possible waterproofing issues in existing structures or structures under construction.  

McCowien Construction takes a holistic approach to each project, assuring the long-term viability of our work and our clients' homes. Our Waterproofing services are necessary to create long-lasting, dependable Waterproofing solutions for clients.

We are among the top waterproofing companies in Greenville.From the initial consultation to the final installation, we are dedicated to making the entire waterproofing process a pleasure and satisfying experience for each of our customers. 

Best Waterproofing Company in West Middle PA


We are here to dig up and construct a robust, economical, and long-lasting treatment for all your water and construction issues. 

Best Waterproofing Company in Sharon PA

Pipe Installation

Always consult an expert plumber who is fully insured and equipped to work with your piping when you need new piping installed or a pipe repair in your home. Our piping repair person can deal with any piping installation, replacement, or repair. Call us for the best experience.

Sewer Repair

We’ve been repairing sewer lines in Pittsburg, PA, and the neighboring areas for years. We pledge to work fast and professionally while causing as little disruption as practicable. Pipe erosion, broken and clogged drains, deformed pipes, and sewer clogs are all addressed by our sewer services.

Best Waterproofing Company in Greenville PA
Best Waterproofing Company in Pittsburgh PA


We are here to alleviate any plumbing concerns you may have. We exclusively use high-quality fixtures and deliver competent servicing. You may rest assured that if you ever have a problem,  we will quickly and effectively resolve it. Whether it’s an emergency, a new installation, or routine maintenance, we’ll be there to meet your plumbing needs.


Best Waterproofing Company in Greenville PA


Things went as expected. Both of them were pleasant and ready to satisfy. We had a good experience with McCowien Construction. This is among the best of the best basement waterproofing companies near me. Looking forward to working with you again.


I was looking for waterproofing companies near me and my experience with McCowien Construction has been awesome. The management was so polite, they answered all my queries. They were very helpful and professional throughout the work. Prices were low but the outcome was exceptional. Highly recommended


I would highly suggest this company to all of you who need a waterproofing contractor. They assisted me with controlling a water issue in my basement. After their work was finished my basement was dry. The thing I loved the most about them was that it is also unique in that they leave my house ensuring that everything is cleaned. It was surely a pleasure working with you people.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    For waterproofing in Pittsburg  we are a simple firm with no excuses. We enjoy educating consumers about the foundation and waterproofing of their home. We are experienced and provide low-priced high-quality services that make us stand out among other companies. Also, when work is completed, we leave your home all cleaned.  

    French draining, sumps, window well and floor drains, gutters, fracture, and structural repair, waterproofing materials, corrosion management, re-grading, and driveway drains are the problems that are controlled by a waterproofing company. They use all the necessary equipment and strategies to address and solve water problems.

    First of all, make sure the company you are using is fully certified, bonded, licensed. Experience matters a lot in such services, so check the number of years they have been in the business. Read some of the reviews of the company on the internet. Make sure to do your homework before selecting a company for your home. 

    The waterproofing properties should last at least ten years, if not longer, if they are applied correctly. When the waterproofing procedure is handled by an expert, the item’s lifetime can be increased.

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      If a property’s exterior or structure has a flaw, water slowly exploits it and infiltrates the structure. McCowien Construction’s skilled workers are exceptionally able to detect possible waterproofing issues in existing structures or structures under construction.

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