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Zap That Tax has a team of professional Business Management Consultants Inglewood CA who have more than 10 years of experience in providing management consulting services to various industries. We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of business operations, from financial analysis and planning to managing your organization’s human resources and technology infrastructure.

Our mission is to enable people, businesses, and organizations to succeed by providing services that help them achieve their goals. Our team combines the best minds in each discipline with the experience needed to make certain that our clients’ projects are successful.


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Running a business is not easy, there’s always a mountain of tasks to complete and entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling many balls in the air at once. Managing your business takes up all your time and energy. Concentrating on driving revenue and securing new clients is difficult when you spend more time on administration than anything else.

You need a partner to help you manage your business. Get professional business management consultants Inglewood from our consultants, who can create a scalable and profitable management plan for you in their advisory sessions.

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New Business Formation

We can help you decide if starting a new business makes sense. We'll analyze your financial situation and help you determine whether it's right for your goals and lifestyle. If so, we'll develop a business plan that outlines the steps needed to get started on the road to success! We know exactly what is involved in creating a new business from scratch. This includes everything from filing documents with the State Department of Commerce to trademarking your name so that others cannot use it without permission.

Business Advisory

We help you with all of your business needs, from developing a business plan to filing your taxes. We can even help you figure out if you're missing any deductions. We work closely with our clients so that we can provide the best possible advice and guidance for them when it comes to their business needs and wants. We can assist you in forming your company, helping you secure bank loans, or facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Payroll Management

Our company offers payroll services for small businesses so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are hiring employees or need to pay them on time we can handle it for you. We will help you meet all of your payroll requirements including payroll taxes, compensation claims, W2s, and more! Our goal is to make sure that all of your payroll needs are taken care of in an efficient and timely manner.


  • Expertise: We offer a full range of consulting services, including strategic planning, business analysis, project management, and operations management.
  • Committed: We are committed to providing the highest quality international business management
    services to our clients in a cost-effective way.
  • Dedicated: We have successfully helped hundreds of small businesses grow and thrive by creating plans that are customized for each client.


What They’re Saying

Zap That Tax is an excellent business management consultant in my area. They always bring new innovative ideas to the table and work with you until they find the solution that's right for you. I would recommend them to my friends in a heartbeat!

Richard McCormick

The team at Zap That Tax is as professional and courteous as they come. They provide top-tier service that feels hands-on, not just automated. The team knows the ins and outs of small business management and gives me practical advice that I can follow through with. Their rates are very competitive so there is no reason not to reach out to them for a consultation!

Michael Bess

I'm not a professional accountant but I needed some help with my business taxes so I took a chance with Zap That Tax and they delivered. They helped me find all the deductions I didn't know about that saved me a ton of money. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a business management consultant near me, they are amazing!

Victor Morris

Frequently Asked Questions

Zap That Tax is a service that helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals with all their tax obligations. We help business owners with the formation of their businesses, marketing strategies, financial planning, human resource management, and payroll administration. We also provide advice on how to grow your business or how expand into other markets. We offer both temporary and permanent solutions for this process so that our clients always know where they stand at any given time.

As business managers, we are responsible for making sure your company is surviving and thriving. This means that we need to make sure your company is staying afloat. We and our team will work on accounting, payroll, inventory control, marketing, and more to ensure the company's success.

The first type is strategic management and this is where the firm formulates a vision and an overall plan to help the company grow. The second is Operational management and this is where the firm focuses on improving its competitiveness in the market by keeping expenses low, maintaining good relationships with vendors, etc. Finally, there's Financial management which helps firms increase their profits and make sure everything is successful.

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Our mission is to help our clients save time, money, and stress by offering reliable and accurate tax and bookkeeping services at affordable prices. We know that your business is the most important thing in your life and we are here to help you achieve your goals. We understand that time is money, and we have made it our priority to work on your time, not ours.

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