Cheap Mold Inspection Services Pacifica CA California health home inspection is a company that provides all types of home inspection and cleaning services according to your choice and demand. We also provide the best and cheap mold inspection services Pacifica CA and their surrounding areas at an affordable price. Using scientific equipment and technologies we maintain a professional team of mold inspection and consultation.

The mission of California health home inspection is to “provide quality services that protect your house from mold and give you durability of your house and furniture”.
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About California Healthy Home Inspections

We don’t have the interest in gaining the repair business, and we don’t work for the remediation company as quasi-salesperson; we know you want an honest, non-biased opinion and don’t do any scare tactics to get the repair, California Healthy Home Inspections deliver the facts, the results, and the report. If you are using the same company for inspection and repair, you are paying too much, and you need to call us. We Inspect, test, produce reports & do not perform the repair due to the CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We are a family-owned business serving residential, commercial & real estate clients. 

We maintain a professional team of Mold Inspection & Consulting Services using scientific technologies & equipment. Our areas of expertise: 3rd party laboratory testing across the board, Asbestos sampling, Lead paint testing & Radon Inspection, various Toxin Inspections related to indoor air quality. We stand behind our work & strive to exceed your expectations. It is our goal to win over every client, every time! We believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


We have the best and Certified Residential Mold Inspector that provides the best services for mold inspection and their treatment. We also offer many other services such as;

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

We offer the best home inspection services and also offer the best and certified indoor air quality assessment. Air is an essential thing for a living and we detect their quality and oxygen level at your home and rooms. We also provide 24/7 emergency services; you can call us any time and get our professional services.

Mold Inspection

Radon is harmful to your health; it can be caused by liver cancer and any other serious disease. Radon gas can be entering your house through the cracks and holes. We inspect your residential area and clarify the radon and provide our best services to free your home from radon gas and its impacts.

Radon Inspection

Asbestos is a quiet danger to your health, they can be the cause of lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other types of asbestos-related cancer. We provide the best asbestos inspection and their services that free your home and residential area from the asbestos and their impact. All the services that we offer are quality and authentic.


California health home inspection company provides professional mold inspection services at Pacifica ca at an affordable price.
  • Expertise: All the home inspector and employee that we have Is trained and expert in their field and also offer the best services.
  • Committed: All the services that we provide are according to client needs and their requirements. And also provide professional services.
  • Dedicated: We work in this field for a long time and complete multiple projects of home inspection. We also offer quality services because quality and standard are our identities.

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I highly recommend California healthy home inspection. Zen was very professional. After doing a walk through of my home he told me that I really didn't need a mold test, but I needed a different type of service. Zen said he would give me a recommendation for someone if I didn't know someone who could perform the service. Zen could have charged me for a mold test knowing that I didn't really need one. His Honesty was mind blowing. I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Frances Torrey

I was very impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism and cost of service. In addition to good service, Zem also provided other helpful resources, which significantly improved the quality of my home life and my health. I would recommend California Healthy Home Inspection services to anyone who prefers working with quality professionals that do good work! Thank you Zem!!!

Heather Conner

Zem is an absolute professional. He explained us what he will do in detail and step by step, and how the testing will follow. He answered all the questions I asked and did a very thorough investigation. The test results came pretty quickly. He recommended some follow-up actions as well. I recommend their excellent services to anyone who needs mold inspection.

Erol Yeniaras

    Frequently Asked Questions

    yes, a newer home and building can have mold issues in such cases if the owner does not implement proper prevention strategies.

    yes, you can find the mold in your home by swab in diluted bleach method and find out the mold at your home. You fix it but the best option is to contact any professional to fix this problem.

    yes, we can test the mold behind the wall. If the mold grows behind the wall your wall appearance changes significantly.
    you can hire some trusted and professional company for mold inspection and their treatment and also read their customer’s reviews before hiring them.

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      We provide the best and certified mold inspection and remediation services according to your choice and demand. We inspect, test, and produce the report and provide our best services. Our professional and expert home inspector gives you some important tips that are useful to maintain your house and protect your house. All the services that we provide are insured and quality base.


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