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Going commercial? The Funding Clinic is your go-to place for Commercial Real Estate Loans Service in Dallas TX. Originating from the need to create an alternative to business, we have been helping businesses achieve their dreams for years. With our expertise and experience in financing, we can secure your business’s future and help you focus on growth rather than worrying about running out of funds.

Our mission is simple: provide financing that’s tailored for businesses just like yours! We are here to help you take the next step and achieve your goals. Our commercial real estate loans with no down payment give you multiple options depending on your business type, location, and financial status.

About The Funding Clinic

If you are looking for Commercial Real Estate Loans Service in Dallas TX or even looking to expand your current business structure, we can help guide you along the way.

The funding clinic provides small business real estate loans with competitive rates. Working with our team also has its perks, as we are flexible and quick to respond. 

We understand the importance of a business owner's time so we meet your deadlines and guidelines.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we won't share your information with anyone without your written consent.

Regardless of whether you are a large or small business owner, we will ensure that your funds are always available to grow your company.


We know how important it is to maintain solid financial standing so our experts guide you along the way. No matter your industry or business type.

Business Loans

We can help your business acquire loans for a broad range of purposes including the purchase of property, purchase or improvement of equipment, refinancing debts, and other purposes to keep your business afloat when you need it most!

Business Credit

We also provide business credit services to help your company hire new employees and purchase materials or goods. We provide a suite of business credit services that can help you increase your company’s spending power at a crucial time so you don’t have to worry about scaling back on what you need most.

Credit Repair

Perhaps your company already has credit lines in place but they are lower than what you would like them to be. We can also offer business credit repair services that will help increase or improve your current business credit score for the better. We work with a broad range of clients and your reputation is important to us! That’s why we also offer commercial real estate loans for bad credit.

Personal Credit Repair & Business Credit Building

We primarily cater to business owners who need to improve their credit to get a business loan.  We also now have an app that walks business owners through the process of building business credit that is not connected to their personal credit

The Business Credit Bootcamp app is our flagship product.  When people enroll in business credit builder, they receive 12-months of free personal credit repair through our non-profit (CAP, Inc – Community Against Poverty).  The price is $179 per month for 10-months and it includes credit monitoring.

We offer a pay-per-delete plan for Business owners who only want personal credit repair. With this plan, they only pay for results. There is a $199 audit fee to start and a monthly fee of $29 for their credit monitoring. We are revamping our website to reflect the changes to our products.


  • Expertise: We have experts that can guide you along the way and offer our best advice when it comes to purchasing property and renovating.
  • Committed: We are committed to helping you achieve your business goals and our services can give you the boost you need to expand!
  • Dedicated: We have a dedicated team that is highly experienced in the business lending field and we know how to craft a loan package that will meet your needs.


We got an excellent rate on our commercial property loan through the Funding Clinic. We've been working with them for years and they always go above and beyond to meet our needs. They literally offer the best commercial real estate loans in my area.

Leah K. Christensen

The Funding Clinic worked really hard to come up with a financing package that was right for me! I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for an excellent business loan.

Mark M. Rosas

The Funding Clinic was able to finance my new car wash business with a great rate and low monthly payments. I have been very happy with the process and would recommend them to anyone who needs commercial real estate loans near me!

James S. Walden

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For real estate loans, you can generally get a loan for the purchase of real estate. You can also use our services to refinance your current property or improve/upgrade the property that you currently own by making improvements. You can get construction loans, lines of credit, and more depending on your needs.
    The 2% rule is a general guideline that many property investors and landlords follow. What it means is that your monthly payment (including mortgage, insurance, and taxes) should not be more than 2 percent of the value of the property you are financing.
    You can borrow a certain percentage of the value of the property, and we can help you figure out what loan is right for your business. We know that every situation is unique so there is no set answer. Investment property loans have a higher lending cap than residential properties. This means that borrowers can use these funds for a variety of different real estate projects, such as refinances and renovations.
    No. A real estate loan is not the same thing as a mortgage, but it is similar. A mortgage is a lien on your property, while a real estate loan can be used to purchase or refinance an investment property, make enhancements to that property, or consolidate debts.

    The Funding Clinic offers a suite of commercial lending products such as business loans and credit lines for businesses in need of financial assistance. We offer competitive commercial real estate loan rates with all-inclusive terms, plus 24/7 customer service that can be reached by phone or online if you have any questions. Our Dallas Commercial Real Estate Loans will help you achieve your business goals and we’re here to support your long-term growth.

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      If you are looking for Commercial Real Estate Loans Service in Dallas TX or even looking to expand your current business structure, we can help guide you along the way. The funding clinic provides small business real estate loans with competitive rates. Working with our team also has its perks, as we are flexible and quick to respond.

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