Commercial Solar Repair Service in Denver CO

Solardenco offers Commercial Solar Repair Service in Denver CO. Solar energy is not only great for the planet, but it puts money back in your pocket every month as you save on electricity bills. We strive to assist our customers to fix their solar systems and replace or repair the parts that are damaged by hail, wind, or other natural disasters. Repairing Broken Solar Panels is our specialty. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose any problem with your solar system and provide a cost-effective solution.

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your solar energy system so that you can reap the incredible benefits of solar energy as soon as possible. We have helped several commercial businesses reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy.

Solar Panel Maintenance Service in Longmont CO



At Solardenco, we work to make your life better. That’s why we’re excited to offer Commercial Solar Repair Services. 

It’s our focus ​ to take the hassle out of solar installation and management by providing you with a full-service solution to your commercial needs.

We can help with minor repairs on-site or major repairs that require some time off the grid. Our Commercial Solar Repair company in Denver knows how important it is for your business to operate efficiently and reliably. 

That’s why we’ve developed a complete management system that allows us​ to monitor your entire facility from one central location via remote access. This means less downtime for repair technicians, which translates into faster turnaround times for you!

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What We Offer

The clean, reliable solar energy that lasts for decades, that’s what you get when you work with Solardenco

Solar Maintenance Service

Our highly trained service crew can maintain your solar system so that it can operate at its highest efficiency. Our team will be able to inspect your panels, inverter, and associated wiring, repair any damages and clean your solar system if needed.

Solar installation Service

We can install panels on your roof, a solar carport, or we can install panels at ground level. Our expert team will be able to install your new solar system quickly and efficiently. We help our clients to become more environmentally sustainable.

Solar Cleaning Service

If you find that your panels are dirty or covered in snow they will not be able to generate electricity as efficiently as they should. To combat this issue we offer a cleaning service where our team will go to your home and clean the dirt, dust, and debris off of the panels so that they are free from obstructions and can return to generating power for you.


  • Expertise:  Our team of expert solar technicians will keep your solar panels in perfect working order throughout the year.
  • Committed: At Solardenco, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality solar repair service on the Denver market.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to getting your commercial solar panel back up and running so that you can continue to enjoy your clean energy needs and save money on your utility bill.

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What People Say

They were the best colorado solar company I've ever worked with. They replaced a solar array that generated electricity with one that is much more efficient and cost-effective. They had a great staff, answered all my questions, and even came to drop off the paperwork in person.

James A. Rose

Solardenco came highly recommended by my business connections. The price was right and they showed up at the appointed time. I was very pleased with their work, and I recommend them to anyone in need of a commercial solar repair service near Denver.

Wilma J. Ramsey

I have multiple solar arrays that need repairs. Solardenco was the only company that could fix them, I must say it was a pleasure working with their team and I highly recommend them to my business fellows who need commercial solar repair service near me.

Mike J. Richards

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Solardenco is committed to sourcing, installing, maintaining, and repairing the highest-quality solar panels available, making us an easy choice for businesses or homeowners who want the best, most reliable, and independent solar panel system on their roof. We also believe in educating our customers about their options before they make a purchase decision. 

    The answer depends on many factors, including the size and orientation of the home, the local climate, and how much energy you typically use. That being said, it’s safe to say that solar panels in Colorado are a great investment. The state has good sunlight and incentives to make it worth it.

    Definitely! The state has plenty of sunlight, we have a lot of local installers here, and there are plenty of incentives to help you save money. Check out our page on [product name] to learn more.

    The cost of a solar panel system in Colorado ranges from $10,000 to $35,000 before tax credits and rebates. An average system costs around $15,600 before credits and rebates for a 5kW system. After-tax credits and rebates, that number is reduced to $11,000 upfront.

    Don’t let another day go by without getting started on making your life better by calling us today for your commercial solar repair service!

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