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R&S Junk Cleanouts provides exclusive services in Waste management. If you are looking for a dedicated waste management company that will help you to manage all your waste and give you freedom.

If you are willing and able to get yourself relaxed and thinking about getting rid of this, then R&S Junk Cleanouts is the best place for your waste management.

R&S Junk Cleanouts contacted us to make their online presence more valuable. Since then, people have been approaching them all day long. But they want to build their relationship with their clients for life. As this field wants long-lasting clients.

The biggest challenge for us was to build a strong relationship with their clients. We understood their niche and services completely and were trying to understand why they don’t have repeated clients when they go to provide exclusive services. 

We have identified some shortcomings in their customer care services and have worked on them to make their customer care services more appealing and more approachable. After some improvements and changes in the customer care services portal.

Unexpected results were produced, which made our client happy.

What is Google Business Profile?

According To Google, your free Business Profile on Google helps your business show up when it matters most: the moment customers are searching for your business or products or services like yours on Google Search and Maps. Log into your Business Profile account to update your address, phone number, website, open hours and more to help customers find and connect with your business. Keep your profile updated with fresh photos, special offers and promotions to make it easy for customers to choose you. Learn more about how Google sources information about your business.

What we have done for R & S Junk Cleanouts Google Business Profile?

R & S Junk Cleanouts had a Google Business Profile when they started working with us but they were not getting any leads or customers from it because it was not optimize. When we started optimizing their profile our work was immediately recognized by google and google started to show their profile against the services they were offering. Below are some screenshots of their Google Business Profile.

Total Calls

In this screenshot you can see how many customers directly called you from May 2022 to June 2022. Hover on the image to see the call history.

Visibility of Business

In this screenshot you can see how your customers search for the business on google.

Customer Actions

In this screenshots from the client’s “Google My Business Account,” you can see how much traffic is being transferred from your Google Business Listing to your Website, as well as the number of calls produced by your Business listing.


When we started working on this project their presence on Google was almost zero and now they are getting calls and customers from google maps. We are still working and optimizing their google business profile and it’s getting better and better with the passage of time. Our next goal is to convert profile visits into as many as possible calls by building citations and posting regularly on their account.