Home heating thermostat replacement service in Rochester Hills MI

Homeowners can enjoy the fact that Iguard Air & Heating will be able to provide them with a wonderful Home heating thermostat replacement service in Rochester Hills MI and nearby areas. Our company provides peace of mind and is known for its fast and reliable services. Homeowners just need to call us to get this fantastic service from Iguard Air & Heating.

Our mission is to provide the best heating system services to customers at the lowest prices possible. We are working hard to make sure that everyone has clean air and warm homes no matter their budget. To do so, we offer HVAC system installation, heating system repairs, and other services which will keep your indoor environment safe and comfortable throughout the year.

About Iguard Air & Heating

Iguard Air & Heating takes pride in offering the best heating thermostat replacement service near Rochester Hills MI

Our professionals are quick, reliable, and efficient heating technicians who will make sure that your heating system is safe, clean, and fully functional.

 Our heating systems represent the safest way of staying warm during periods of extreme cold weather. 

We offer heating system replacement as well as air conditioner installation services which can help you save up on energy bills and live a healthier life.

Local Air Conditioner Installation Service in West Bloomfield MI


Iguard Air & Heating prides itself on providing quality service at low prices which are affordable for everyone. Our technicians are well trained, quick to respond, and eager to help you live a healthier life by ensuring that your heating system is running efficiently all year long. 

Residential Heating and Cooling

|Iguard offers certified Residential Heating and Cooling service technicians who know how to provide you with a quick and efficient solution for all your home heating and cooling needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your heating system is running safely and that you are enjoying a comfortable environment all year long.

Furnace Repair

When it comes to home heating repair, there is no better place than Iguard. We offer 24-hour furnace repairs which mean our certified technicians are here for you at any time! Our quick response team will make sure that your heating problems are diagnosed correctly so that the right solution can be provided for you.

Furnace Installation

Our furnace installation is also the best, provided by highly trained professionals who can help you save up on energy bills. We offer all different types of furnaces depending on your current needs so do not hesitate to ask us anything about our available products!


Home heating thermostat replacement service in Rochester Hills MI


The Iguard technicians provided excellent advice for our needs. They installed the right-sized thermostat housing replacement near me without bumping up the price just to sell one that was larger than what we needed. They were friendly, prompt, and diligent about making sure the installation went smoothly.

Morris V. Spaeth

I am very pleased with my home heater thermostat replacement service near me, completed by Iguard. From start to finish they were all professionals! The estimate process was quick, easy, comprehensive, and exactly as expected; no surprises at all. The installer was on time, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He had my furnace up and running in no time! On top of all this the price was exactly as estimated; not a penny more which is always nice! I would use them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service at an affordable cost.

William B. Kramer

We recently had our home heating thermostat replacement in my area by Iguard Air & Heating. The whole process went smoothly from start to finish, was competitively priced, and was done professionally. I would highly recommend them!

Noah S. Holcomb

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A 1 stage thermostat is meant for homes that do not require constant heating. This type of thermostat produces heat when the temperature drops below the desired level and turns off once it reaches above your preferred room temperature.

    A 2 stage thermostat heats your home more efficiently by producing heat when the temperature around falls below a certain point but also stops before reaching your desired room temperature to save energy.

    Smart thermostats work with all types of furnaces and heating systems. They simply have to be connected to a C wire. If you do not have a C wire, the smart thermostat will need a regular furnace power supply which can be provided by installing an extra-low voltage wiring from your furnace’s existing 24 volts transformer.

    Yes, home thermostats are interchangeable. However, you have to make sure they are compatible with your heating system before buying one.

    An HVAC thermostat is compatible if it operates with your heating system. You simply have to make sure that you are buying a smart thermostat that has to be connected to a C wire. If you do not have a C wire, then the smart thermostat will need an additional 24 volts transformer wiring which can be installed for free by our professionals at Iguard Air & Heating Inc

    Yes, you can easily replace an old thermostat with a digital one. You simply have to make sure that the new one is compatible with your heating system before buying it. An HVAC thermostat cannot be installed if it is not compatible with your heating system.

    If the thermostat in your house is bad, then you might notice that it takes longer for the heating system to produce heat. You will also observe that the furnace turns on and off by itself even if there are no changes in temperature inside your home.

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