Hot Tub Repair Services in
Manhattan NY

EC Pool and Spa Service offer the best Hot Tub Repair Services in Manhattan, NY. We provide a variety of pool and spa services to help you prepare your pool and hot tub for usage and/or protect your pool and/or hot tub for the winter season. Services are available as a la carte or as a comprehensive package.

We specialize in hot tub repair and maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time working on it. Our on-site service experts are skilled and informed. All service plans include a monthly automated water analysis to help us keep your water clean, balanced, and safe. Pricing for weekly pool and spa service maintenance plans is included in our initial service agreement, which may be found on the contracts page. We are known for providing the best Manhattan hot tub repair and installation.

About EC Pool and Spa Service

The EC Pool and Spa Service has qualified pool and spa service technicians and they have certification from National Spa and Pool Foundation. This vital qualification guarantees that our employees are well-versed in the safe and correct maintenance of pools and spas. With the CPO® Certification program, the NSPF educates more students on the fundamentals of pool maintenance than any other industry program in the world. The renowned CPO® Certification is held by over 450,000 people. We are honored to share the NSPF's mission of making a difference by promoting greater aquatic exercise, making pools safer, and keeping pools open. These certifications make EC Pool and Spa one of the best bathtub repair services companies in Manhattan, New York.

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EC Pool and Spa Service offer professional hot tub repair and replacement services in NYC. Our other portfolio of services include installation of pools, cleaning systems, and diving boards. We offer the best hot tub repair services in Manhattan, NY.


EC Pool and Spa Service offer incredible Hot Tub Repair Services in Manhattan, NY. Our specialties include:
  • Professional Staff
    • We provide thoroughly knowledgeable and trained staff.
  • Affordable Prices
    • We offer services at competitive prices.
  • Experience
    • We have decades of hands-on experience.
  • Excellent Service
    • We use the motto for this: We Sell the Best and Service the Rest!



Clyde C. Snow

Clark, thank you very much for resurrecting my hot tub today! I'm really pleased that the full system is now installed and operational. EC Pool and Spa Service provides an excellent professional service and comes highly recommended. They offer the best weekly hot tub and spa maintenance service near me.

Wallace S. Ulm

The hot tub has received its annual servicing and is sparkling. Very thorough, taking much more time and effort than well-known hot tub servicing businesses. I will certainly use it again. EC Pool and Spa Service provide incredible hot tub maintenance service nearby.

Ronnie E. Coulter

EC Pool and Spa Service offer the best and cheap hot tub repair service cost in Manhattan, NY. I was really satisfied with the customer service and how professional they are.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    EC Pool and Spa Service is the best and affordable bathtub repair company in New York.  We offer the best hot tub puncture repair kit services.

    If the damage is minor you can do it easily by implementing leakage cure. For the damage beyond that you can consult us. EC Pool and Spa Service provide the best hot tub repair kit in Manhattan, NY.

    A hot tub is not worth repairing if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the hot tub itself. A hot tub is also not worth repairing if you know that you will have to spend a lot more money on it in the near future, even after the repair. If a hot tub is ancient, it may not be worth repairing.

    The simplest level of hot tub water maintenance (using bottled chemicals) costs approximately $20 per month to maintain your hot tub, however this varies depending on the water system that you use. Upgrading your water care system may be more expensive at first, but it will save you money and maintenance work in the long run.


    Hot Tub Repair Services in Manhattan NY

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