Investment Property Loans 10 Percent Down Tampa FL

Real-Tyme Mortgage is a family-owned and operated company providing residential investment property loans 10 percent down Tampa FL. We have a highly competent staff who delivers the best services for a happy-go-lucky experience. With us, you will never be charged for any hidden payments.

Our mission is to provide a minimum down payment for investment property and with a perfect mix of low prices and lower closing rates we are dedicated to satisfying and giving peace of mind to customers. 

About Real-Tyme Mortgage

If you want to buy an investment property but are not in a position financially to put too much down payment. Then you are at the very right place. Real-Tyme Mortgage is your complete solution to get investment property with 10% down. 

You may feel a lot of hurdles if you are a beginner, you may feel hesitant to buy property because most of the companies want to get a total of 20-30% of down payments which is too much. For your ease, we are giving 100% financing for investment property. 

Professionals at  Real-Tyme mortgage provide you with several options so that you don’t require plenty of cash to buy an investment property. We provide 10 percent down, no mortgage insurance, and flexible purchasing alternatives.


Real-Tyme mortgage is a licensed company and provides all the services by professionals and with flexible payment strategies.

Loans Services

We provide you loans for investment property and other educational or personal purposes according to your terms and conditions. Fitting in your budget is our primary goal. We have ingenious ideas and plans for your next loan, do try us and get the easiest to go loan services.

Sell a Property Service

At Real-Tyme mortgage you will be sure that you are going to get the perfect guide to selling your property. Our professional real estate agents will tell you if it is the right time to sell it, also we have the buyers in line so that you can sell the property at the lowest possible time. Everything you need to know for selling your property will be entertained. 

Buy a House Service

Likewise selling, we also have remarkable options for you if you want to buy a house. You can get an expert choice about a particular place or can give us the whole project for buying you a dream house according to your demands and financial status.


Investment Property Loans 10 Percent Down Tampa FL


Throughout the entire process of securing a loan to purchase my new house, Real-Tyme Mortgage and their team were extremely professional. They kept me informed about the loan at all times and were always accessible to answer my inquiries. The worker even followed up with a phone call after the closing to ensure that everything went smoothly. I would strongly advise them to anyone searching for a low-cost mortgage. This team is capable of completing any task.

Janet J. Harris

We've employed Real-Tyme mortgage two times before and will continue to do so in the future! The worker performed a fantastic job from the beginning, working tirelessly to get our business by offering us the greatest conditions, and to ensure that everything went properly till the end which was very nice of him. We had a great time working with them and the rest of the team at his office! THANK YOU!

Tracy M. Russell

It was truly a great experience with you guys, everything went well, on minimum investment property down payment requirement, I was able to get my dream property by staying within my budget. The workers were friendly and courteous. Thank God that I have reached you. Recommended.

Deon F. Jones

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Real-Tyme mortgage is a licensed and certified company working efficiently for years. All our workers are highly professional, they know exactly what they are doing. Our flexible payment plans with exceptional investment property loans with just 10% down make us unique and special.

    You can mainly use three types of loans for investment property; these include conventional bank loans, home equity loans, and hard money loans. Out of these conventional bank loans is the most common among people.

    Using a line of credit, house hacking, refinancing your house, the BRRRR method, or even credit cards can help you get a better deal on an investment property. If you can discover sellers who are ready to finance a rental property, it’s a terrific opportunity to put less money down.

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      If you want to buy an investment property but are not in a position financially to put too much down payment. Then you are at the very right place. Real-Tyme Mortgage is your complete solution to get investment property with 10% down. 

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