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Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent is an IRS issues Agency in Edmonds, WA with the experience and authority to handle any tax problem you may have. We understand that your taxes are important and our focus is to make those filings as simple and stress-free as possible. We help clients get through tax season as efficiently as possible by providing them with accurate information and guidance on how we can best assist them with their particular situation.

Our mission is to provide taxpayers with quality service and accurate guidance to help them navigate the complexities of tax laws. We strive to make sure that all inquiries are answered promptly and that filing your taxes is stress-free. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to become the premier Edmonds IRS issues Agency.


Quinn Combs Enrolled Agent

Tackling tax issues can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing tax codes, it can be difficult to understand what you are required to do and how to do it correctly. On top of that, the IRS is known for its strict penalties in case of any mistakes or incorrect information.

Being audited can be a very stressful experience, leading to wasted time and money in the long run. At our IRS issues Agency in Edmonds, WA, our experts have the knowledge and experience to take care of all your tax-related needs.

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What We Offer

Bookkeeping Services

State Tax Agents

We prepare state income tax returns for both individuals and businesses. Our State Tax services include income tax filing for individuals and businesses, business entity formation, sales & use tax compliance, and self-employment tax compliance. Our state tax agents will make sure that you only pay what is owed, plus any penalties and interest due.

Tax Return Agent

Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent is a full-service tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting firm. Our team of experienced tax professionals can prepare your taxes, file your return and handle all the necessary follow-up work to ensure that you receive a timely refund. We also offer estate planning services including wills and trusts.

Estate Tax Agent

We provide personalized estate planning by working with you to determine your goals and objectives for your estate plan. We guide you through the process of drafting an effective estate plan, ensuring that it is drafted following current state law and federal regulations. We work with clients who want to minimize their estate taxes while planning for the future.

Who Quinn Combs, EA Helps Solopreneurs to thriving teams

Here at Quinn Combs, EA, we help small to medium size businesses from self-employed start-ups to well established organizations. Our specialized expertise has helped many business owners to grow and scale their companies, pay less in taxes, and accumulate personal wealth.
Our clients fall into the following categories:

Under 500k/year

Quinn Combs, EA, supports new and small businesses clients as they develop sales plans and operational infrastructure to scale their business. Together, we ensure the financial aspect of your business is being handled efficiently, correctly and in a way that is conducive to future growth. At Quinn Combs, Ea, we offer our Executive Financial Literacy program which educates and informs financial best practices and outlines information such as (how much you should be saving each month, where to go to learn about the norms in your industry, and how to create, read and understand your financial reports).

Between 500k and 1M/year

Quinn Combs, EA provides Controllers and CFOs to work with clients every day helping them to leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses as we forge a path toward over $1 million in revenue. We collaborate to develop processes and systems that grow with your organization and avoid bleeding profits unknowingly (one of the biggest risks to a growing business). We help our clients to build strong, healthy companies that are consistently generating cash and profits. Together we’ll overcome obstacles that may be lurking beneath the surface so that you can break free from the cyclical ebbs and flows in revenue holding you back

1 Million +

As our clients grow towards $10 million, we focus on strategic plans that achieve the following:
• Grow a profit producing legacy
• Expand product lines and service offerings
• Manage and make decisions around acquisitions and mergers,
• Maximize after-tax wealth
Growing organizations have more complex financial needs and require more customized financial services.
Quinn Combs, EA helps to optimize the financial health of your organization from seven to eight figures and beyond.


  • Expertise: We address all of your tax needs and our experts are proficient with the latest tax laws and IRS Tax Problems.
  • Committed: With a high level of expertise and experience, our team is committed to providing you with the best outcome possible.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to helping people with their taxes every year and we have been doing this for over a decade.


What They’re Saying

As an entrepreneur, I've always been a bit intimidated by the IRS. But after working with Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent, I can say that I am no longer intimidated. They are experts on all things related to the IRS and put my mind at ease. With their help, I now feel confident when dealing with the IRS.

Johnson Charles

I recently had a complex tax situation and was struggling to find an Enrolled Agent that I could trust. That's when I stumbled upon Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent. He was extremely knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process without any hassles or delays. Best IRS issues Agency near me!

Mathew Angelo

I recently had the pleasure of working with Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent. They were able to help me resolve some serious IRS issues I was having and made the process surprisingly easy. I would highly recommend this IRS issues Agency in my area to anyone who has IRS problems as they are an absolute lifesaver!

Kane Williamson

Frequently Asked Questions

Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent has helped thousands of clients achieve their tax goals by helping them file accurate returns, reducing their business tax liabilities, and saving money on taxes owed. We file your tax returns accurately and efficiently so you can get back to work. We can also help you with all your tax issues and we can answer questions about estate planning, trusts, retirement plans, and more.

As part of its services, IRS agents can help taxpayers prepare their tax returns as long as they are properly trained and qualified to do so. IRS agents are certified to provide taxpayers with accurate advice on filing their taxes and can help them determine if they qualify for any deductions or credits that could reduce their overall tax liability.

The IRS may investigate a taxpayer if they suspect tax evasion, fraud, or other criminal activity. Common triggers for an IRS investigation include unreported income, unreported foreign assets, and discrepancies in filing taxes.

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The Quinn Combs, Enrolled Agent team consists of professionally licensed certified public accountants who have years of experience in the field of taxation. We handle all aspects of tax compliance for individuals as well as corporations on a national basis.

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