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Lip Tattoos in Auburn Hills, MI is a popular option for those who want to create a unique look with no commitment. This permanent make-up technique is quick and easy to apply and can be removed if you decide you don’t like it anymore! You can choose from hundreds of different designs which are sure to suit your personality and style perfectly! Our skilled artists can make anything from simple outlines to elaborate designs with custom colors to match your lifestyle. They use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safe application of your tattoo and quality results every time!


Fine Strokes Microblading

Whether you want to add some definition or just make your lips fuller, our Lip Tattoo Services in Auburn Hills, MI will be extremely effective! We offer lip tattoos using our unique ultra-thin ink pens that leave no marks on the skin but instead create a natural-looking lip tattoo that looks just like real lips! We offer lip tattoos in over 30 different designs ranging from traditional tattoo style tattoos to geometric patterns and flowers just to name a few! You can relax and enjoy your new look while we take care of everything else for you.

Lip Tattoo Permanent Makeup Procedure


A quick, practical, safe procedure that won't injure the mouth's surrounding tissue. The number of colours you desire and the size of the design affect the price.



Superior output every time. No recuperation period is required; the tattoo can be done immediately after removing the lipstick. Makeup that is easy to remove but is permanent.


Choose from hundreds of patterns and color combinations, from traditional to extravagant. Then, from a variety of styles, create your design.


There are no long-term adverse effects or allergic responses to worry about. No surgery is necessary; simple removal techniques can be used at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip tattoos are a type of temporary tattoo that is applied to the lips. The ink is usually made of natural dyes and food coloring, which makes it safe to consume. Lip tattoos are a great way to spice up your look for a night out, or just change your day-to-day look.

A lip tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting pigment into the lips to add color. The cost of this procedure can vary depending on the type of lip tattoo and the number of treatments required. But generally, it falls around $400 and $800.

Lip tattoos are usually permanent and will not fade away on their own. However, a lip tattoo can fade away if the person does not take care of it. To make sure that your lip tattoo lasts as long as possible, be sure to follow the aftercare instructions that your artist gave you.

We start by drawing a stencil on the customer's lips and then we inject the ink into the stencil. The color of the ink will depend on what color you want your lip tattoo to be. Fine Stroke Microblading has been operating for over ten years and we have become very experienced in this field.

The most effective method for lip tattoo removal is by using laser treatments. This is an option for people who want the tattoo off quickly, but it’s expensive and not always successful. If you decide to go with this option, you will need to go in for treatment every few months until the tattoo has been fully removed.

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Fine Strokes Microblading aims to serve clients from all walks of life sharing one goal; to give you your confidence back. So please do your research before booking your lip tattoo service with just anyone.


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