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Precision Roofing & Stucco is a family-operated business. We are preferred local roofing repair contractors in Edgewood NM. Our skilled roofing specialists will inspect your roofing for broken or leaked sections that require repair and provide you with immediate help according to your needs.

Our mission is to provide reasonable roofing repair services for both residential or commercial purposes, use eco-friendly equipment and systems, and provide 100% satisfaction to customers.

About Precision Roofing & Stucco

It's crucial to hire the correct roofing contractor. Allowing your home repair task to become a significant hassle is not a good idea. If you're looking for roof repair, restoration, or cleaning, be sure you hire the correct roofing contractor.

We at Precision Roofing & Stucco prioritize customer care above everything else. Throughout your roofing job, our expert local roof repair contractors in Edgewood NM will take care of you and will answer all your queries, and will be available to you at all times.

We deliver repairing and maintenance services to all types of roofing including asphalt, shingles and  Metal Roof Repair Service, Edgewood NM. Various types of roof systems necessitate varying amounts of maintenance. Some roofing types age well over others, and restorations can vary substantially.

Residential Solar Installers in Edgewood NM


Precision Roofing & Stucco is your all in one solution for all types of construction, repair, installations, cleaning, and restorations at your home or office.

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Stucco Repair

Our Stucco Repair is reasonably priced, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. It goes nicely with any home’s finish because it comes in a range of colors and textures. It is a more durable finish than other sorts of finishes, as well as being more fire-resistant. Moreover, It requires less upkeep but when you require repair, do call our professionals for cost-effective quality services.

Solar Repair

Solar repair is a technical process. But Precision Roofing & Stucco can repair, fix, and improve any setup for optimal energy production and efficiency, regardless of who established it or what type it is. We have a 24/7  team of solar professionals on duty. You can call us any time to get our professional solar repair services in Edgewood NM.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Service

We provide a complete solar panel cleaning service. We will see your solar panels quickly to enhance their output in cases of bird dumping hits, lichen development, clouds of dust due to building operations, or previously undiscovered dirt build up on solar panels. We will gladly supply you with a solar panel cleaning at affordable prices.


Local Roofing Repair Contractors in Edgewood NM


I was searching for roofing repair services near me. Precision Roofing & Stucco have beautifully repaired my metal roofing. Completed whole work professionally. The personnel were extremely skilled and had extensive training to deliver outstanding service. To my surprise, they do not only provide amazing services but also deliver affordable roof repair, Edgewood NM. Great experience!!

Dorothy A. Gilstrap

I'd like to show my gratitude to Precision Roofing & Stucco for bringing me their best person for cheap roof repair, Edgewood, NM. The work did an outstanding job as well as a thorough clean-up of all trash, which made my spouse extremely happy. I would highly urge anyone looking for asphalt, shingle or metal roof repair in Edgewood NM God Bless you.

Sarah T. Mason

From start to end, the guys did an excellent job. I wanted roofing repair, Edgewood NM. And their customer service representatives and team did not stop working until the task was completed to our satisfaction. They arrived on time, listened carefully, and knew precisely what we wanted. I can give them my highest recommendation because of their excellent standards and expertise.

John H. Travis

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We simply provide the best roof repair in Edgewood NM and nearby areas. Precision Roofing & Stucco is a certified and licensed roofing company that values character and honesty. We treat you like family and work together with you to find the finest workable alternative for you.  Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with the greatest experience with our residential and commercial roof leak repair in Edgewood NM.

    Yes, roof leaks can surely be repaired with the assistance of professionals. A quick repair is required when you notice even the tiniest leakage in your roof as it can lead to serious water drainage problems. Get our cost-effective roof leak repair, Edgewood NM.

    The roofing is the most significant feature of your house since it shields you and your household from a variety of hazards. Rainfall, snow, and hail are blocked by the roofing. They likewise help to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by capturing most of the sunshine and providing insulation.

    If your roof tiles are broken, decaying, collapsing, ripped, lost, old, twisted, or loosened, you’ll need to replace them. Wind erosion and harsh environment leave their mark on your roof over time. If your roofing is more than 20 years old, it will almost undoubtedly need to be replaced.

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      It’s crucial to hire the correct roofing contractor. Allowing your home repair task to become a significant hassle is not a good idea. If you’re looking for roof repair, restoration, or cleaning, be sure you hire the correct roofing contractor.

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