Magnetic Door Lock Installation in Brooklyn NY

Jones Systems LLC provides Magnetic Door Lock Installation in Brooklyn NY. Magnetic door locks make your home look secure from the outside from intruders. Jones Systems LLC Magnetic Door Lock Installation in Brooklyn NY  is precisely what homeowners need for their security needs because Magnetics is stylish, durable, and high performing. It also allows you an extra level of convenience with its motorized power options.

Our mission is to provide the best Magnetic Lock Access Systems at affordable prices in Brooklyn NY. Magnetic Locks are appropriate for all types of homes and businesses with the latest security features. Magnetic Lock Installation in the Brooklyn is our expertise at Jones Systems LLC.

About Jone's Systems LLC

Magnetic door lock installation in the Brooklyn is one of our specialties and we know what you're looking for when it comes to security and the appearance of your front entryway. 

Our  Magnetic locks come with a variety of advantages over regular locks which include durability, ease to operate, security against burglars especially when you are sleeping or away from home, low maintenance cost and they can be easily installed by our experts at cheap prices.

Our Magnetic lock systems come with wireless cards that have pre-programmed access codes and they are sent to the clients so that they can use them to gain entry into their homes or offices.


  • Expertise: You can count on us for remarkable magnetic door lock installation or repair because we have all the necessary information and experience to carry out the process efficiently.
  • Committed: We are committed to providing the best services at cheap prices so that you can have peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Our professionals take responsibility for their work, they are devoted to serving you in the best way possible.


Wow! Great service, quick communication, and door lock installation service near me. And the locksmith was friendly too! Jones Systems LLC answered all of my questions and helped me find a solution that worked for my needs. The lock works great and our building is more secure than ever! Thanks, Jones Systems LLC!!!

McFadden Hunsicker

I wanted to change the locks on the house near me. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of service. I wasn't expecting our locksmith until the following day but he arrived earlier than expected! He gave me a great price, installed both magnetic lock and deadbolt, patiently answered my questions, and provided excellent customer service. We are very satisfied customers. I'll recommend Jones Systems LLC to anyone who needs a locksmith in Brooklyn NY!

Nelson Fred

After many failed attempts at finding someone to install our locks on short notice, we were relieved when we found Jones Systems LLC's website with 24/7 availability. Our technician arrived on time, quickly determined that we needed additional parts for our installation, and got right to work completing the job (and answering all of my questions about our locks). He was very professional and I will be recommending Jones Systems LLC to everyone.

Victoria Schroeder

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Magnetic locks are created specifically for doors. Magnetic locks work on all kinds of door types from exterior to interior – they’re durable, secure, and convenient! Magnetic locks are also used on barns & sheds, gates & garages too.

     Magnetic locks don’t require any power to function, either for the lock itself or the keypad. Magnetic locks can be manual or powered with a motor and battery backup in case of a power outage.

    Magnetic locks offer a level of security that won’t be matched by regular locks.  Magnetic locks are high-security and built for doors of any material.

    Magnetic locks can be turned off by disengaging the lock from the inside. Magnetic locks are engaged and disengaged with a magnetic keycard or biometric fingerprint scan.

    Magnetic locks don’t get hot and they’re built for all kinds of weather. Magnetic locks can be installed on any door and used in all kinds of weather conditions.

     Magnetic locks are secure and you can’t force them open. Magnetic locks require a card or biometric scan for entry. If you need Magnetic Door Lock System Installation near me then do call Jones Systems for the best services.

    Magnetic locks installation is our expertise at Jones Systems LLC; we install Magnetic Door Lock in Bronx New York. Our workers at Jones Systems LLC, are professionals and can handle Magnetic door lock installation near me in the best possible way.

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      Magnetic door lock installation in the Brooklyn is one of our specialties and we know what you’re looking for when it comes to security and the appearance of your front entryway.


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