Refrigerator Repair Service Chesterfield VA Hurlburt Brothers is an ideal and professional company that offers all types, brands, and size home and commercial appliances repair and installation services according to customer’s choice and their requirements. We also offer the best and certified Refrigerator repair services in Chesterfeield VA and its surrounding areas at an affordable price.

The mission of Hurlburt Brothers company is to “provide you all types of appliances installation and repairing services and to maintain a comfortable level in your life”.
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About Hurlburt Brothers

We have professional and highly trained technicians and workers in our team that offer certified appliance repair service in Chesterfield VA. We also provide all types of home and commercial appliances repair and maintenance services like fridge, AC, LED, washing machine, Dryer, and other home and kitchen appliances. To make our access easy and fast we introduced automobile repairing services. 


We are certified and the best refrigerator repair companies that provide all their services according to customers’ requirements. We provide different services like

24/7 Online Service

For your ease and comfort we offer 24/7 online services you can call us any time and we will be reached at your given location within a very short time and serve you with our best and quality services. All the appliance installation and repair services that we provide at your doorstep are cost-effective and quality holders.

Oven Repair Service

Hurlburt brothers are your best and most trusted choice for oven repairs. All the repairing services we provide at your doorsteps, our certified and well-educated staff can repair all types of ovens and other appliances according to your requirements and also deal with respect and honor. We also offer quality-based services to our clients.

Refrigerator Repair Service

We know very well that the fridge and refrigerator are the most important appliances and they can be very helpful in our daily and tough life. Almost everyone has a refrigerator in their house, but sometimes it could not properly work and it can be the cause of your heavy electric bill. We offer a 24-hour refrigerator repair service at your doorstep.


We provide certified and best appliance repair service in Chesterfield VA according to customer’s choice and requirements.

  • Expertise:All the technicians that we have in our team are professional and expert in their field and serve you with their best services.
  • Committed: All repairing and installation services that we provide are also according to your choice and requirements.
  • Dedicated:we work in this field for a long time and complete multiple appliances repair and installation projects. We also provide quality services to our lovely clients.


Gene R. Davis

I’m looking for the best and professional refrigerator repair near me now and I found Hurlburt Brothers in my area. They provide all their best services according to my choice and my budget.

Marilyn D. Johnson

I searched on Google for the same-day refrigerator repair near me and I found Hurlburt Brothers Company. I instantly hired them and got their quality services. They complete their work in a very short time.

Anne W. Roberson

I’m looking for the best and cheap refrigerator repair services that offer their quality services according to my choice. Hurlburt Brothers provide their services according to my budget but also provide certified services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average cost of refrigerator repair services is $250 to $350 and more. It also depends on your refrigerator brand and the technicians that you hired.

    We provide 24/7 online services you can call us anytime and get our quality and authentic services according to your requirements.

    if the refrigerator repair cost is less than half of the new one then repairing is the best option and it also depends on the condition of your refrigerator. 

    yes, we provide our best and quality services in Chesterfield VA, and its surrounding areas at an affordable price.

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