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American Group Mechanical provides Residential Heating Service in Arapahoe County CO. We provide repair and maintenance services for various types of HVAC systems. We are licensed and insured and have years of experience in summit heating and cooling systems.  If you are looking for honest, reliable and simply the best HVAC companies in Denver then look no further than American Group Mechanical! We’re available for emergency repairs 24/7, so you don’t have to wait until morning on those cold winter nights.

Our mission is to provide you with the best Residential Heating Service in Denver at an affordable price. We believe everyone deserves a warm home during the harsh winters in Denver. We have been servicing the Denver area for 10 years. Our technicians are all NATE-certified and have been trained through our rigorous program.


American Group Mechanical

American Group Mechanical is a locally owned company serving Denver and its surrounding areas. We provide HVAC installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services for residential customers. 

Our NATE-certified technicians are friendly and helpful, and they take pride in helping our customers keep their families comfortable.

We’re committed to earning your business by treating you the way we’d like to be treated: with respect and honesty. Our team will help you find the perfect solution for your home’s heating or cooling needs. 

All of our technicians are background checked and drug tested, so you can feel safe when they’re in your home. We also offer 24/7 emergency service for those times when things just can’t wait.

Our Services

What We Offer

At American Group Mechanical, we believe that your comfort is our priority. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of services to keep you comfortable in all seasons.

Refrigeration repair

We know how important it is to keep your refrigerators running properly. When they do not work well, we can help you fix them so that they are working like new again. We have a fleet of vehicles that are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to ensure we can get your refrigeration up and running as quickly as possible.

A/C Repair

Our technicians will inspect the inside of your AC unit to check for cracks in the heat exchangers, loose wires, and other problems that could cause a fire hazard or prevent the unit from operating properly. They will also clean out any debris that has accumulated over time which can restrict airflow through ductwork or cause other issues such as inefficient cooling and increased energy costs. We also offer emergency services so you can be sure your office or home will be comfortable at all times.

Cooling system repair

We provide repairs and full replacements for cooling systems, so you can stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the warmest months. Our technicians are fully certified in all types of cooling systems and can provide the highest-quality service. We can diagnose and repair any issue you may have with your cooling system. This includes water leaks, low refrigerant levels, and electrical problems. We will also check your compressor, condenser fan motor, evaporator coil, and other parts to ensure that they are not worn or damaged.


  • Expertise:  Our technicians are licensed professionals who will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment at your convenience.
  • Committed: We are always on time and are committed to offering 100% guaranteed workmanship when it comes to your summit heating and air systems.
  • Dedicated: We will work hard to make sure that every job is done right the first time and that everything is completely up to your standards.

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What People Say

American Group Mechanical was just what I needed. They are a local, family-owned business that specializes in heating and air conditioning installation and repair. Their technicians are fast, reliable, and professional. They can be relied upon to treat customers fairly and with respect.

Hugh P. Rivers

My ac repair company was handling my home's heating and cooling system for years. I just found out that they were ripping me off the whole time. They charged me for parts and labor that weren't even needed. I finally fired them and hired American Group Mechanical. They are more affordable, honest, and professional than any other Residential Heating Service near me.

Kara A. Bustos

I couldn't be happier with the Residential Heating Service in my area that American Group Mechanical has provided me. Their technicians are always on time and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to answer any questions that I have, and they make sure to thoroughly go over any potential problems that could arise in the future.

Brianne S. Walters

Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide all of your heating needs, from installation to maintenance to repair. If you are looking for heating and air conditioning near me, we offer free estimates and financing options. Our maintenance programs will keep your system running efficiently and extend its life. If your heating system has stopped working or has low efficiency, we can fix that too! We are proud to serve our community, and we believe that offering fair prices and excellent customer service is the best way to show that we care.

Most residential heating systems rely on either forced air or hydronic heat. In a forced-air system, heated air is pushed through ducts and into the various rooms in your home; it is typically controlled by a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature at which your heater will turn on and off. A hydronic system relies on heated water running through pipes and into a radiator, flooring, or even wall panels.

When it comes to heating systems, maintenance is key. If you are regularly having your furnace checked out by a professional, then you shouldn’t need to replace it until you notice that its efficiency has decreased to the point where you have to crank up the heat for it to be warm enough for comfort. You may also notice an increase in your energy bills if your furnace is becoming less efficient.

Most people find that their air conditioning bills are higher than their heating bills. This is because air conditioners have to actively remove heat from your home by cooling it down, while furnaces only need to warm up cool air as long as you live in an area with a relatively moderate temperature.

Let American Group Mechanical help keep your family warm this winter! Call us today to schedule an appointment, our HVAC contractors will help you find the perfect Residential Heating Service for your home!

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