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We at The Funding Clinic are offering the best Residential Real Estate Loans Services in Dallas TX, a city that is steadily growing to become one of the main “Big 3” economies in the USA. Accordingly, it is quite necessary for one to have a proper understanding of their operations to offer the best services. With that said, this means that we are here to be of assistance to anyone who is looking for a quality residential loan.

Our mission is To provide residential loans services by giving you all the necessary details on the products and services that are available in the market. And To provide clients with the best service in the shortest time possible.

About The Funding Clinic

The Funding Clinic is a Philadelphia mortgage company that provides its clients with a wide variety of residential financing options. 

Our goal is to provide the best quality services in order to make an informed decision on any and every loan. 

We are a team of professionals that understand real estate work and provide the best residential real estate loans services in Philadelphia.

Our reliable real estate financing solutions are based on our real estate experience and the knowledge we have gained over the past decades. 

We start the work with a clear understanding of the real estate work and we can deliver the best services to our clients. You will enjoy a quick and easy transaction with our Property Lenders in Philadelphia.



We help them with everything from finding a house to financing their purchase. Our team is always available to serve our clients.

Business Loans

We are among the top Mortgage Loan Servicing Companies in Philadelphia because of a reason. We offer Business Loans for people who are in need of emergency loans for business. Our specialists will help you get the loan that you need, from a short-term loan to capital improvements. With our online shopping services, you can get the financing in one convenient location.

Business Credit

Business credit is often a necessary tool to succeed in your business. Our business credit services include a secured business credit card, a revolving business credit card, and a personal business credit card. Business Credit is offered to businesses that have high steady revenue. We take pride in helping our clients save up to 50% on business loans.

Credit Repair

 Your credit is at risk and you can easily save. We can help you by reviewing your credit history. We will then give you a free credit report and we will give you a free copy of our scorecard. So that you can enjoy a good-quality credit score. This is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your financial future.

Personal Credit Repair & Business Credit Building

We primarily cater to business owners who need to improve their credit to get a business loan.  We also now have an app that walks business owners through the process of building business credit that is not connected to their personal credit

The Business Credit Bootcamp app is our flagship product.  When people enroll in business credit builder, they receive 12-months of free personal credit repair through our non-profit (CAP, Inc – Community Against Poverty).  The price is $179 per month for 10-months and it includes credit monitoring.

We offer a pay-per-delete plan for Business owners who only want personal credit repair. With this plan, they only pay for results. There is a $199 audit fee to start and a monthly fee of $29 for their credit monitoring. We are revamping our website to reflect the changes to our products.


  • Expertise: We are responsive to clients’ needs and stay with them throughout the Philadelphia Residential Mortgage Services, even if it’s in the short term so that we can build trust and loyalty.
  • Committed: We are committed to taking care of our customers and to understanding our customers and making sure they are happy with how we serve them.
  • Dedicated: We make sure that we are always looking at our customers, treating them as our top priority, and that we are always making sure they are happy with the service we provide.


Fantastic service - very professional, friendly, and helpful residential real estate loans services near me. The information was sent to us quickly, and we were kept fully up to date at all times. The paperwork was easy to complete, the form uploads were simple, and we received it so quickly. Being able to track our payments was a real bonus as well. Thanks a lot!

Anthony R. Ramirez

I was searching for residential real estate loans services in my area and found a lot of websites that may be helpful but I found The Funding Clinic really helpful. The staff was really professional. We were able to get approved in a timely manner and the process was easy.

Robert E. Horgan

OMG! I am glad that I found The Funding Clinic! I was searching for a Residential Mortgage Loan Broker in Dallas TX and I found these guys. The staff was really friendly with my home loan application. I will recommend your website to my friends and family.

Delores K. Wang

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Residential real estate loans include loans for the acquisition of properties meant to serve one to four families, refinancing loans used to purchase such properties, and extending shuttered loans and accessible lines of credit guaranteed by the lender’s ownership in residential property.

    Today, there are four types of mortgage loans available to home buyers: fixed-rate mortgages, FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, and interest-only loans.

    Conventional bank loans, hard money loans, private money loans, and home equity loans are the four types of financing available for an investment portfolio. Property investment finance can take numerous forms, and lenders must be able to meet certain criteria.

    Residential loans are repaid during the duration of the mortgage, allowing the loan to be entirely recovered at the conclusion of the loan term. Despite residential loans, commercial loan lengths often range from 5 years (or less) to twenty years, with the amortization time often being greater than the loan term.

    A hard money loan is a type of loan in which the funds are secured by real estate rather than the lender’s reputation. Hard money loans, which are similar to short-term bridge loans, are typically utilized in real estate transactions when the lender is an individual or a firm, as banks do not offer them.

    We have been operating in the financial industry for years. We have the experience which makes us the experts to provide the right answer to any question related to our industry. Our loans for residential real estate investments in Pennsylvania are available in a variety of forms and have many different features. The loans are customized as per the needs of our clients. We are also focused on providing affordable rates of interest that would help our clients get a good return on their investment

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      The Funding Clinic is a Philadelphia mortgage company that provides its clients with a wide variety of residential financing options.

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