Surety Bail Bonds Services in Monroe County MI

Fast Bail Bonds is a locally owned and operated professional company that provides cash surety bail bond services in Oakland County, MI. We are an ideal solution to any of your requirements no matter how complex the case is. Moreover, we are licensed and insured. You can trust us. 

Our mission is to deliver the cheapest surety bail bond services with premium quality assurance. Being extremely quick is one of our primary goals. 

About Fast Bail Bonds

Fast bail bonds are the top-rated competent company that has been assisting customers with perfection for many years. Getting people out of the never-ending and stressful legal system makes us feel delighted.  

Our surety bail bondsman is trained to endure any situation easily and efficiently. He is not Andy located at the corner of your street providing amateurish services. Every agent working at Fast bail Bond has come to us bypassing many tests. Our agents are highly qualified and knowledgeable.

Our surety bail bond cost is not so high, we have several programs for everybody's budget with guaranteed results. We understand that our services are related to customers and their loved ones' honor. So, we try our hardest to get you out of the process rapidly. 


We provide all the services for your surety bail bond requirements and many others. 

Fast Bail Bonds Services

If you are in immediate need you should call fast bail bonds because we understand how undesirable such a situation is for you especially if it’s your first time. We provide the best services promptly by our qualified and skilled professionals.

Payment Plans Services

We offer payment plans which are a beneficial way to provide clients adjustable payment alternatives, without the expenditure of external agents. Our services are a reasonable way to fulfill payment deadline requirements for enrollment.

Domestic Violence Service

We procure the best  Domestic Violence services, our main responsibility is to give emergency intervention to people who are affected by domestic and family turmoil. This will involve injury examination and safety planning, crisis counseling, case management, and continuous domestic violence counseling. We do all this with enormous dedication.


Surety Bail Bonds Services in Monroe County MI


It was my first time with a bail bond company. I was scared to death, because of the long-lasting procedures of the court. But on a friend’s recommendation, I used Fast bail bonds. The agent who was helping was awesome. He took a cup of coffee for me and got all the initial information required to start the process. He provided me with a cheap surety bail bond with bad credit. He was aware of my income and planned the process accordingly. I am very thankful to you.

Norma T. Green

I have never thought that a bail bond program could be this stress-free. It was all because of the surety bail bond agent in Monroe County MI who worked for me. He was very helpful and friendly. He did all the work rapidly and within my budget. I can't praise them enough. I hope that I will never need such services but if I or any of my friends needed such services then I wouldn't be anxious this time. Highly recommended!

Ramona J. Paine

I was looking for cheap surety bail bonds, I was in a bad situation and all the companies I called were very rude at that hour when I needed the most courteous people around. Thankfully, I called fast bail bonds, they were knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, friendly, and to my interest even economical. It was a great experience working with them.

Robert L. Goto

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You must choose us because we have professionals in our team who have considerable information and highly effective communication skills. We serve you as our family member. Furthermore, we try to be extra budget-friendly and strive to assist people with all our might.

    A surety bond is a commitment to be responsible for the debt, ruin, or downfall of another. It is a three-party agreement by which one party which is the surety, insures the accomplishment or responsibilities of the next party, the principal to a third party, the obligation. And bondsman the agent who takes care of all these duties.

    A bail bond operates as a surety bond, which implies that the bondsman is practically vouching for the defendant and that they will appear to their tribunal date. If the defendant ceases to appear for any of their court periods, then the bondsman will strive for compensation from the defendant for the entire percentage of the bond.

    The distinction between a bail bond and a surety bond is that bail comprising cash bonds only expects the involvement of two parties, the defendant and the court. While, on the other hand, a surety bond needs the interest of three parties in the bailing process which are the court, the defendant, and the bail agent.

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      Fast bail bonds are the top-rated competent company that has been assisting customers with perfection for many years. Getting people out of the never-ending and stressful legal system makes us feel delighted.  

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