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When you’re looking to Buy Salvia in Oakland CA, you want a company that is going to respect your needs and treat you with the utmost care. At Salvia Dragon, we are willing to do whatever we can to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you visit our shop in Oakland. We use only the freshest leaves from our suppliers, and we take great care in ensuring that you get high-quality products when you order from us.

Our mission is to make sure that everyone can access high-quality, affordable salvia in the region, and we’ve been able to do it without sacrificing quality. We offer secure, discrete, and reliable shipping methods at competitive prices.

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About Salvia Dragon

Salvia, also known as "Diviner's Sage," is a plant that induces hallucinogenic visions when smoked. When Salvia Dragon first started, we were one of the only psychoactive salvias providers in Oakland. 

Now, we provide Salvia in Oakland California, and beyond. We make people feel good about buying Salvia Divinorum online.

We only use organic salvia Divinorum plants for sale and offer an array of products for recreational and medical use, including salvia caps, salvia extracts for e-cigarettes, and dried leaves for burning/smoking. 

We have an online order form but are ready to help anyone who buys salvia in our stores or calls us for assistance with ordering. 

Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum Online Miami

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Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum Online Nashville TN

Exotic Recreational Blend (E.R.B.)

Exotic Recreational Blend (E.R.B.) is an all natural smoking blend. It is perfect for anyone looking to unwind from daily stress. This product, when burned, will leave its users feeling blissfully relaxed and free from worry. Effects most commonly related to use of this product, are, a sense of well being, mild light perception alteration and a state of pleasant passiveness.



Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum Online Seattle WA

Green Grass

The grass is greener on the other side, with this product there is TRULY nothing synthetic nothing to hide, unlike many of the other "all-natural" products out there. This mild herbal comes in handy when you want to relax and just "take the edge off" not take the entire day off. Conveniently, it is also reported as a great way to enhance the effects of anything else with which it is mixed.Amount: Per 1.5 gram re-sealable air-tight bag. Shipping is FREE.



Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum Online Huston TX

Big Bang

This mix of exotic herbs is a premium aromatherapy blend containing an enchanting combination of aromatic extracts and essential oils. It has a strong fragrance providing an exceptional relaxing effect with just a small amount. Heighten your senses and soothe your soul with Big Bang!



Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is Spectrum Labs' patented laboratory urine that is conveniently premixed with urea. Quick Fix is a unisex synthetic urine for use by either men or women. It contains ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics including urea. Quick Fix comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at proper temperature. Quick Fix contains synthetic urine amount required by testing guidelines.



Our Services

Salvia Alternatives

Our salvia alternatives are perfect for anyone who is looking for a high-quality, legal product that has all the benefits of the illegal substance. We offer a range of salvia alternatives for our customers who are looking for a more traditional experience. 

Legal Herbs Blend

Our herbal blend is specially designed to help you relax and relieve stress but without the side effects associated with most legal herbs. This blend is 100% legal in all 50 states, and it meets all quality standards as set forth by Congress.

Smoke Blend

This blend will allow you to experience the same feeling as smoking salvia without actually smoking anything. It’s made with carefully selected herbs that offer all the same benefits as smoking salvia, but without any of the health risks or side effects that come with traditional smoking methods.


  • Expertise: We provide you with the most potent, highest quality Salvia divinorum products available.
  • Committed: Our products have been verified by an independent laboratory and have been found to be 99% pure.
  • Dedicated: We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you a better salvia-buying experience than you could have ever imagined.

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Ralph C. Johnson

I've never done anything like this before, I'm an older lady that's lived a pretty vanilla life. I was searching for the best salvia around me online and found this at the top of the list. It had good reviews so I went for it! It was very easy to order, arrived quickly and just as described. I am very happy with my purchase and have told others about it.

Oscar M. Finley

I found a salvia buyer in Oakland and I was impressed with the way they presented it. It was easy to navigate through the store and find what I am looking for. I placed an order and eagerly awaited for my package to arrive. And when it finally did arrive, I found that it came with free stuff, which is awesome!

Peggy H. Hogan

I ordered from Salvia Dragon a few weeks ago, and I was really satisfied with my purchase. I ordered the gold salvia extract, and it was exactly what I wanted. I was still pleased with the overall product and customer service! It is the perfect place to buy salvia.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Our company,  Saliva, is a legal, all-natural cannabis alternative. We offer salvia products to help you get high without the use of harmful drugs. Our smoke shop offers both retail and wholesale quantities for all our products so you can bring these wonderful products into your store! For those who prefer smoking weed over other methods of ingestion, we offer a variety of high-quality smoke blends that will help you get the most out of your smoking experience.

Salvia is available at most corner stores and gas stations in the United States, just like chewing tobacco and energy drinks. Although it is legal in all 50 states, it is only legal for people over 18 to purchase salvia.

The primary active ingredient in salvia is salvinorin A, which interacts with receptors in the brain that are responsible for sensing pain, as well as those that regulate mood and emotions. The exact process of how salvinorin A affects the brain is still unknown. Salvia can affect the user's moods by making them feel euphoric or happy, relaxed or sedated, and sometimes confused or anxious. 

This isn't your grandma's variety of salvia. We have a wide variety of products tailored to your taste. First of all, it can be smoked or vaped. Many people prefer vaping because it's easier and cleaner than smoking, but either way, you choose, you won't be disappointed. It also doesn't smell like old lady perfume like some other varieties of salvia do.

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We believe that psychology is crucial to a person’s experience with any drug, so we send each new customer a free copy of the “Psychedelia” handbook on how to prepare for their first salvia trip and then call them once they’ve had it to discuss how everything went.

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