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When you’re looking for a high-quality commercial tile installation in Franklin, TN, you needn’t look any further than True Care Tile Co. We’re an experienced team of craftspeople that are capable of handling everything from large-scale projects to small-scale installs. We don’t stop at just providing Commercial Tile Installation in Franklin; we also provide grout repair and cleaning services as well. Contact us today to get started! Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom plan, ensuring that your project needs are met on time and on budget, every time.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality tile installation and renovation services in a safe, cost-effective manner. We are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and customer service, so you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands.

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True Care Tile Co

True Care Tile Co prides itself on being pro Ceramic tile installers. We know that every business is different, and we work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budget. 

No matter how big or small the job, we always take care of it as if it were our own business. We want you to be happy with our work and choose us again for your next project!

We offer a wide range of Top Quality Tile Installations to meet your every need, from renovations to remodels and even custom build-outs. 

Our Best Tile Installers and Repair Companies are highly experienced professionals who work closely with each client to ensure their project is completed on time and within budget. We take pride in providing quality service that you can trust!

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The foundation of our business is based on relationships, integrity, and respect for our customers. We provide high-quality workmanship and materials at affordable pricing.

Residential Kitchen Flooring in Franklin TN

Fireplace Services

True Care Tile Co provides many services to help you spruce up your home. When your fireplace is looking a little dull, we can provide a complete restoration service, including cleaning and sealing the firebox and the hearth, replacing or repairing damaged tile, and placing new hexagon tile on top of the hearth.

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Backsplash Services

For those interested in creating a backsplash behind their stovetop or sink using one of our stone materials, we can provide a full-service installation that includes removing the existing backsplash, applying a layer of mastic to the wall, attaching the True Care Tile Co stone material, and then grouting and polishing the stone for you.

Residential Kitchen Flooring in Hendersonville TN

Kitchen floors

In kitchens with cracked or damaged tile floors, we can provide a complete remodel from start to finish: cleaning out any loose broken tiles, applying a cement base for the new flooring in place of the old flooring, installing new tiles on top of this base (including choosing the size and color of the new tiles), grouting between each tile space with matching color grout material (unless otherwise requested), and polishing each tile after it has been grouted.


  • Expertise: We will do whatever it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We provide high-quality installations that fit your budget.
  • Committed: We are committed to ensuring that every customer has a positive experience because we firmly believe that happy customers are the key to success.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients. We offer our clients one-stop-shop solutions.


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The team is very good, friendly and customer service oriented. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional Commercial Tile Installation in my area. Thank you for your business.

Anna Samuel

We are very happy with the way the tile looks and how it turned out. We will be calling you back when we do our next remodel. Thank you so much for the great work done in my home. I am very pleased with the tile and flooring near me.

Daniel Moore

I'm very happy with the Commercial Tile Installation near me. It is exactly what I wanted and we are extremely happy with the results. You have a great crew of guys working for you. They were very professional and friendly. I was very impressed that they didn't leave a mess behind.

Jane Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

True Care Tile Co is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial tile installation needs in Franklin, TN. With a team of experienced contractors, we have the know-how to complete any job efficiently and effectively. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services at competitive prices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

 We start by removing the old flooring and any debris, leaving your home ready for the new tile. Next, we mix the adhesive and apply it to the subfloor with a trowel. Then we set down backer boards to strengthen the structure of the floor and make sure it won’t sag as the glue dries. Finally, we lay down your new tiles using a special adhesive to lock them in place.

Tiling a floor requires attention to detail, patience, and persistence. It’s not a project that first-timers should attempt on their own. That said, if you’re working with a professional who knows what they’re doing, you’ll be fine!

It depends on what kind of tile you want and what type of adhesive your contractor uses. Generally speaking, though, an average installation costs around $5 per square foot—which is pretty reasonable when you think about how long your new floors will last!

Tile installation includes everything you need to get started. That includes purchasing materials, making sure they’re compatible with each other, and figuring out how to use them together. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or services!

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True Care Tile Co prides itself on being pro Ceramic tile installers. We know that every business is different, and we work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budget.

True Care Tile Co prides itself on being pro Ceramic tile installers. We know that every business is different, and we work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budget. No matter how big or small the job

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