Professional Brick Repair Services Staten Island NY Northshore industries inc has experience of over three generations. We are a trusted group providing professional brick repair services Staten Island, NY, and related services like home renovation, sidewalk concrete, and many others. All our team members are masters of their work. Contact Now Professional Brick Repair Services Staten Island NY Our mission is to provide our clients the best in proficient brick repairs and related services, always assisting with absolute honesty, excellent customer service, and loyalty. The satisfaction of our customers is very important for us. Contact Now

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Lindsay W. Gilbreath

Residential Concrete Repair Contractor Staten Island



  • Expertise: Our brick restoration experts are trained amazingly well to repair any kind of cracks and damage.

  • Committed:  Our staff’s level of engagement with their job is rare, we provide timely services in a peaceful environment.

  • Dedicated: Our professionalism and a firm commitment to our objective make us an ideal company for you.

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Lindsay W. Gilbreath

I have just got their home brick repair services. The best team I have ever worked with. I couldn't get such great services without their help. They did everything completely and efficiently even before leaving. They cleaned up the place with special cleaning equipment . They are the most amazing brick repair contractors near me.I frankly recommend them to everyone else in my family and friends circle.

Marilyn J. Moore

We had got our brick repair and basement renovation from Northshore industries inc and we could not be happier! The worker developed the design of both the projects beautifully, and a supervisor was frequently there to make sure that he was working properly. It was a pleasure to work with them. Along with quality they also provide cheap brick repair services Staten Island, NY. I feel like I paid the fairest price after watching the results.

Angel S. Tiernan

Our estate agent recommended this company. We have just moved to a new house. It was affordable but some renovations, especially brick repairs, needed to be taken. It is unusual these days that a company will do what they confess they will do.But you will not believe before trying that Northshore industries are doing the best residential brick repair, like giving quality work at affordable rates.The people that served us at our home were organized and we did not encounter any obstacle due to the work. They are among the top local brick repair companies. I highly recommend them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Because we are cost-effective and provide excellent standard work. We have innovative ideas for your home to make it look adorable. Our strong teamwork is our key to success. For a moment you will get awestruck after watching the finishing.

    The most affordable and highly productive way of renovating cracked wallsI  crack stitching. With a crack stitching kit, you can repair upright and stepped cracks to ensure the arrangement of your cracked wall. This requires a lot of technicalities to assure that the wall is not getting any issues. Our professionals would be a great choice for you.

    First of all, we remove the broken mortar from the brick wall. Then secondly we remove the former cracked horizontal cement from the unions using a raking bar. After that spraying the brick occurs.. Then the wall after all the mortar is eliminated, we will need to spray the wall with water then Patch the joints with mortar and finally point the brick wall.

    Brick cracks are a common issue for brick walls. And many times, the breaks in your brick wall can be fixed easily either by you or by professionals so it would not be a crucial problem. Though, if the crack enhances then you must have to be worried and should immediately contact a professional.

     Yes they can be repaired but the repair is highly dependent on the type of damage the wall has got .Well if it is not so big then fixing up cracked bricks is much more cost-effective than rebuilding them. North Shore industries is  the fast and easy way of enhancing the appearance of shattered brickwork.


    Professional Brick Repair Services Staten Island NY

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      You are at the right place if you are looking for the best brick repair services. Doing repairs, fixing cracks, and giving designs to prevailing brickwork need particular concerns to conserve property values. We are excited to do work at your place in such a way as to strengthen and enhance the magnificence and structural strengthening of your residential or commercial places. Our low-cost brick wall crack repair makes your wall brand new and gives it a better look. We are a leading company who work hard to fulfill our clients’ demands in every task we adopt.

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