Residential Custom Millworks in Westchester County NY

Archwell Group offers professional Residential Custom Millworks in Westchester County NY. We design and build the finest quality custom cabinetry and millwork that enhance the beauty, comfort, and enjoyment of our clients’ homes. We are dedicated to providing superior service and value. We specialize in providing flooring, doors, and moldings; cabinetry; built-in storage units; and complete kitchen remodels.

Our mission is to create beautiful, functional products that stand the test of time. We build everything from shelves to kitchens to custom furniture in our workrooms here in Manhattan, NY. We then install them according to your needs. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Our Priorities


On Budget

We do our best to serve you with low-cost and quality services to reach your satisfaction.


On Time

Our professionals and experts will make sure that your task is completed on time and with 100% quality.


Quality Assurance

It’s all about the quality of the services we provide you because quality is not an act for us, it’s a habit.



Archwell Group NYC

With over a decade of experience in the millwork industry, Archwell Group has been producing high-quality Residential Custom Millworks in Manhattan. 

We live by our motto: “Quality over quantity.” We have a team of commercial & residential interior woodworking professionals who can help you design and produce everything from hardwood flooring to custom cabinetry.

We go above and beyond to deliver to you the best custom millwork and renovations possible so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Whether you are constructing your dream home or creating beautiful millwork for your existing property, Archwell Group can work with you to develop customized cabinets, bookshelves, moldings, doors, mantels, or any other woodwork you desire.


General Contracting

If you’re looking for general construction services, look no further! Archwell Group offers everything from new construction and remodeling to repairs and maintenance, all at an affordable price. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with their finished projects.  We use cutting-edge technology combined with our expansive resources to adhere to any budget or timeline while delivering the highest quality possible.

High-Quality Painting

We take pride in the painting services we provide, and we make sure our clients are just as proud of the results. Our painters are skilled at using many kinds of paint for different surfaces, including wood, concrete, brick, metal, and more! They also know how to prepare surfaces before painting them so that the finish lasts longer without chipping or peeling off over time

Stone Fabrication

We provide stone fabrication services at a reasonable price. Our team of skilled craftsmen can create and install stone structures of many varieties. We use the highest quality materials and methods to ensure that your stonework will last a lifetime. For more information, visit our stone fabrication page.

Archwell Group has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their team was very responsive, professional, and timely. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Residential Custom Millworks near me.

Yvette E. Alfaro

I wanted to say that I had a great experience at Archwell Group. They helped us with a custom timber frame project for our home. Their attention to detail, quality of product and professionalism is second to none. Their team is extremely reliable and their customer service skills are impeccable.

Ivan S. Buchanan

I was searching for some sort of custom millwork near me and saw your company. It was a real pleasure to find them, they have done an amazing job on our cabinetry and millwork.

Garfield S. Hill



As a full-service design and build company, Archwell Group can take on any project with confidence, regardless of size or complexity. The firm has an extensive network of craftsmen and subcontractors that have been carefully vetted to ensure a high level of service. This network allows Archwell Group to provide outstanding results while keeping costs at a minimum.

Custom millwork is the process of modifying or creating architectural features and details in space using wood. It can include flooring, ceilings, walls, and more. When you add “custom” to millwork, you’ve got something that’s tailored specifically to your home, based on your ideas and style preferences. This can either be done by a professional interior designer or by a custom millwork company, and it can turn your house into a home that feels 100% you.

Millwork can be used to define areas or rooms in space by way of ceilings, walls, and floors, or it can be used on its own as a focal point. This can be done through flooring patterns, ceiling designs, wooden walls, etc., and it is one of the methods that interior designers use to create elegant spaces.

Carpentry is the broader skill set that includes all of the activities involved in constructing something from wood, from cutting it to shaping it to joining pieces of wood together with glue or nails. Millwork is more limited: it refers to making smaller items like cabinets and bookshelves, as well as installing them correctly so they are safe and secure without causing damage to your walls or other surfaces in your home.


Lets Get Going

Archwell Group strives to create artful millworks that are both beautiful and functional. Call today for expert Residential Custom Millworks in and around Westchester County NY.

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