Unsecured Business Funding in Houston TX

At Big Apple Capital Partners, we believe in the power of business to make a positive impact on humankind. Our clients are small businesses that have been hit hard by the recession and have been unable to find traditional bank financing. We provide Unsecured Business funding in Houston TX, as well as funding for start-ups and other investment opportunities. 

Our mission is to help businesses grow, change their operations, or simply take advantage of the opportunity to turn profits. We’re a leading source for business lending in the greater Houston area.

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About Us

Big Apple Capital Partners INC

We want to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with our Unsecured Business funding in Houston. We want clients to know that we are here for them and we want to create long-lasting relationships with them.

As a business lending firm, we’ve seen our clients through all stages of growth and transformation, from those who have struggled to create a workable business plan to those who have succeeded, are thriving, and are ready to scale.

We at Big Apple Capital Partners are passionate about the Houston TX community. We see a lot of potential in Houston with so many great companies and entrepreneurs getting off the ground and making an impact. 

We strive to provide capital to help companies put their vision into motion. We provide Houston TX small business funding, rollover loans, Houston SBA funding, and asset-based lending services so our clients can succeed promptly and with ease.

Our Services

What We Offer

At Big Apple Capital Partners, we offer a whole range of business loans to ensure that no matter what kind of loan you need, we’ve got your back.

Bad Credit Loans

If you're worried about being taken advantage of because of your bad credit, don't be! At Big Apple Capital Partners, we provide bad credit loans to those with less than ideal credit scores and histories. We want to make sure our clients get the best possible deal on their loans so they can move forward in life with confidence knowing that their debt has been taken care of.

Working Capital Loan

On top of our traditional term loans and lines of credit, we also offer working capital loans. These are short-term loans with repayment terms ranging from a couple of months up to a year. This type of loan is great for those businesses that need a little extra cash flow but don't have time to wait for their invoices to clear. This is especially useful if you have already paid off most of your long-term debt and still need some extra money.

Business Loans

Our business loans come in all shapes and sizes including working capital lines of credit for new businesses seeking startup capital, equipment financing for growing businesses looking to upgrade their equipment without breaking the bank on price tags! We also offer equipment leasing options for those with less than perfect credit who may not qualify for traditional loans due to past issues but still need vital machinery or technology upgrades to compete in today's economy.


What People Say
About Us

I am a business owner in the manufacturing industry, and Big Apple Capital Partners is one of the best partners I've ever worked with. They made everything easy, and I'm now getting a small business loan in less than two weeks.

Anna Samuel

I was looking for Unsecured Business funding near me and it was not easy to find, at least not until I found Big Apple Capital Partners. They gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream. Not only did they help me complete my business plan but also they gave me their full support.

Daniel Moore

Big Apple Capital Partners is a great company with a very professional team, focused on assisting businesses like mine. I would highly recommend Big Apple Capital Partners for anyone looking for Unsecured Business funding in my area.

Jane Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

An unsecured business financing is a loan that is not secured by collateral. This means that you are promising to pay the bank back, but you don’t have to put up any property or valuables as collateral if you can’t pay it back. Unsecured business financing is also known as a signature loan.

It’s possible to get a business loan without collateral, but it’s rare. Most banks are going to ask for collateral before granting a business loan, whether it’s unsecured or not. The only way around this is if the bank has worked with your company before and knows that you can be trusted to pay back the loan.

The Small Business Administration does not do unsecured loans, although they do offer other forms of government assistance (i.e., grants) that don’t require collateral. The government assistance program is known as 504 loans because they are governed under Section 504 of the Small Business Investment Act of 1958. The program was created specifically for small businesses to help them raise capital and grow their businesses over time.

While there is no security to give up when you opt for an unsecured loan, there are other benefits that come along with it: lower interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and more!

We are a Dallas-based company that provides Small Business Startup Funding for growing companies. Our focus is on helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, so they can scale and hire more employees.  We provide Dallas Unsecured Business funding for those entrepreneurs who need access to capital but don’t necessarily have the connections or the resources needed to get a traditional loan from a bank. We want to create a new wave of entrepreneurs who see the world beyond their city limits, who are creating opportunities for themselves and others.

We want to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with our Unsecured Business funding in Houston TX. We want clients to know that we are here for them and we want to create long-lasting relationships with them.

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