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You can’t go wrong with Everlast GarageDoors! We provide Affordable garage door services in Sammamish WA. With premium materials, we are able to provide outstanding quality for an unbeatable price- making us one of the most popular businesses in the industry today. We specialize is high end automotive hardware like heavy duty door systems & windows; we also offer residential garage doors which includes automated openers as well so you don’t have lift your finger when it comes time say goodbye click on request quote

Our mission is to provide excellent Sammamish garage door repair service, installed by skilled technicians who use only high quality parts for your safety and peace of mind when it comes time to change out old or broken equipment onsite at home without disrupting day-to-day life during installation appointments with one call!

About Everlast Garage Doors

You may not know what is wrong with your garage door, but our technicians will be able to spot the problem immediately and fix it as soon as possible.

One of the biggest garage door repair service companies in Sammamish WA is Everlast GarageDoors. We have experts who specialize in providing a wide range of services to our clients.

Our garage door repair service provider experts can offer you with great services such as repairing your garage door, installing automatic garage doors and providing other repairs if necessary.

We take pride in our work, because we know that not just anyone can do this kind of job. Everlast GarageDoors is the best garage door repair company in Sammamish to get it done by.


We specialize in everything related to the garage door, so whether you need us for installation, maintenance, or repair.

Garage Door Rollers

Our company is the most recognized garage door roller service provider in town, with a lot of customer support and experience in this field.Retractable garage door roller repair requires special attention from experienced technicians. People trust our services because we use the latest equipment and tools required for performing a certain job, and they always turn out to be very durable. 

Garage Door Spring

We provide garage door spring repair services at affordable rates. Springs are highly dangerous since they’re under a lot of tension, and adjusting or installing one should only be attempted by qualified technicians with years of experience doing this type work for Everlast GarageDoors – we have skills that are second to none! We also offer same-day opener service if you need us sooner than scheduled so your home’s safety is never compromised while waiting on our team (we usually beat any other estimate given)!

Garage Door Cables

The team at Everlast GarageDoor are experts in garage door cables. We use a range of advanced mechanisms and tools such as locking pinholes, security goggles, winding rods for safety precautions with wireless drill to make sure you have smooth installation every time! That’s why our Aim is To provide the utmost ease while ensuring your home or business remains safe from harm.


Emergency Garage Door Services in Sammamish WA


I can't thank them enough for their affordable garage door repair near me . This past week my garage door was not working properly. I called Everlast Garage Doors just to get an affordable quote, but instead the affordable service person came over in less than an hour. He was able to fix it on the spot, so I didn't have to wait for parts etc. Everlast GarageDoors is an affordable garage door repair service in my area, so if you're looking for affordable garage door repairs give them a call.

Dale C. Pierro

I am amazed with their garage door repair service near me. The technician was courteous and expert. He repaired the door so fast without any hassle. They offer other services like garage door installation and replacement. ever since, i have been using their service. My family is happy with the results. Many Thanks!

Frederick S. Elder

The technician who came to my house was amazing to work with and was on time and had great customer service skills. I was extremely pleased with how quickly my new garage door was installed, as well as the quality of the work done by Everlast GarageDoors. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for professional but affordable services.

Elvin O. Seelye

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everlast GarageDoors is the only affordable garage door repair specialist you need to complete your project. We specialize in all types of installations and garage door repair parts, including new construction projects! With our years worth of experience we are confident that no matter what problem arises with your current or future installation needs will be taken care of immediately by one of our certified technicians who have worked on thousands upon thousand satisfied customers just like us.

    We offer same day garage door repair services in Renton, WA and surrounding areas. Whether you need scheduled maintenance or emergency garage door repair we do it all! When you call us, we send our technician to your way as soon as possible , because we understand that you can’t let your garage open for long. we will also be available at any time no matter the day or night.

    Garage door warranties can vary, but most manufacturers offer a three-year coverage on their products. Experts believe that the average lifespan of your garage doors may be between 15–30 years depending upon construction quality and maintenance in addition to local climate conditions.

    If you notice that your garage roller is not in alignment, it could be due to any number of reasons. Scratches on the tracks or bent pieces can force them out-of-place and cause false stops which will confuse both users passing through as well as cars waiting next door! Make sure all equipment has been regularly maintained by a professional.

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      One of the biggest garage door repair service companies in Sammamish WA is Everlast GarageDoors. We have experts who specialize in providing a wide range of services to our clients.

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