Commercial Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Piermont NY

Betty’s Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned company working flawlessly since 2018. We are the top-notch Commercial kitchen remodeling contractors in Piermont NY. We analyze, design, and build the commercial kitchen remodeling project alongside you. You can trust us for all your small or big remodeling projects as we are a licensed company. 

Our mission is to always come up with high-quality kitchen remodeling services for both residential and commercial purposes while staying eco-friendly and wallet-friendly side by side.

Running a special 10x10 kitchen cabinets, color and style of your choice plus quartz countertop

About Betty's Kitchen and Bath

Betty's Kitchen and Bath is among the top kitchen remodeling contractors in Piermont. Trust our competent and professional team to create better designs of the kitchens for your home or business. 

Choose us if you want low-cost kitchen remodeling, we assure you that you will come to us again. You can count on us to provide exceptional customer care, expert services, and a tailored plan to meet your specific requirements. 

We are a relationship-driven organisation that wants to assist you with your remodelling tasks. We eliminate worry and tension by maintaining continual communication and sticking to strict deadlines.


We have the skills and practice to complete all types of remodeling and building of your bath and kitchen.

Commercial kitchen remodeling contractors in Piermont NY


Our professional countertop contractors take pleasure in providing full installation, design, and remodeling services at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to ultimate client satisfaction, from setting up your area and removing prevailing countertops to setting the new countertops. We know all types of stones and have worked on these including marble, granite and quartz etc.


We sell Ready-to-Assemble and Pre-Assembled cabinets that are infinitely greater than those sold in big box shops. When you buy your kitchen and bathroom cabinets from us, you not just not only save money and effort, but you also get an elevated, eco-friendly product at a wallet-friendly cost. Because we have two distinct distribution facilities, we offer to individuals, professionals, and contractors and can service outcomes of any magnitude!

Online Kitchen Cabinets Fully Assembled

By removing the effort required to fit cabinetry altogether,  fully assembled kitchen cabinets make this easy to renovate your kitchen swiftly. Browse our online inventory of fully assembled cabinets in a variety of styles. When you purchase and protect with us you’ll get high-quality cabinets shipped straight to your home that are ready to put together right away.

Quick Ship Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets

Up until now, unfinished cabinetry has been pretty much limited to do-it-yourselfers and professionals who specialize in such installations. But we’ll change all that with Quick Ship Cabinets! You can enjoy the convenience of pre-assembled cabinets while still taking advantage of big savings by opting for unassembled cabinetry. Our panels ship within a week and arrive fully assembled so you never need to worry about hiring installation specialists again.


Commercial Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Piermont NY


I most like the fact that the materials are solid wood and not out gassing VOCs. That and the self-closing drawers and cabinets. Delivery was on time and in perfect condition.

David Bain

The best in the business! Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for the top-notch service provided by Betty's Kitchen and Bath! They have such patience and expertise. They take the time to work with you, to understand your project, your needs. If there is any challenge, they will come and help - even after the project is finalized. You are getting tremendous value with them. And I'm confident they can beat most companies in price and quality as well. I highlight recommend!

Valeriy Demchenko

It was a pleasure working with Betty's Kitchen. We're not design oriented people, so the fact that they were able to help us pick out the cabinets, color scheme and the backsplash was a huge relief. Their prices were competitive, they kept us on budget and they were on schedule the entire time. Highly recommended. Thank you Betty!

Roberta Hannah

Quality Cabinets..excellent service.. Owner really cares and went above and beyond!

Abilash Stephen

It was a pleasure working with Betty's team. Getting my kitchen done was very overwhelming and having experienced consultants to help me pick out new kitchen cabinets was a huge relief. Thank you.

Stephanie Brandeis

I recieved the shaker style kitchen cabinets. They came to my home and showed me different styles, they also measured the kitchen that same day. The process was very quick. These cabinets are very high quality . Love them. Thanks Betty's kitchen and bath.


Complete gut of kitchen with new lighting, cabinets, and countertops went great. Would highly recommend Betty Kitchen and Bath as they are focused on delivering a quality product for an affordable price.

Jayan Joseph

Ecosafe kitchen remodeled my kitchen, they were well qualified to guide me to remodel my kitchen in just 2 days and all their cabinets have solid maple wood from Europe . What really got my attention is besides the solid wood it's Ecosafe around my kids , they have 5star certification. Their help in providing me with the kitchen design prior to final installation was really instrumental.

Viraf Jacob

Frequently Asked Questions

Betty’s Kitchen and Bath is glad to state that they do have the mastery and understanding to execute a comprehensive Piermont kitchen remodeling service. We give great importance to small detailing, provide quality assurance, and reach and complete the task on time. We procure customized designs and simply the best services.

There are 5 certificates for high-quality cabinets that pass the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today. We at Betty’s Kitchen and Bath have all 5 required certifications.

  • High-Quality Imported Woods Certificate
  • High-Quality Paint Certificate
  • KCMA Certificate
  • 0 VOC Certificate
  • Carb2 Certificate
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Kitchen remodeling is a vast project, you can do it yourself but hiring a remodeling company is recommended as they have the proper knowledge, practice, and experience to accomplish the task perfectly. Get our kitchen remodeling services, USA to get professional services.

First of all evaluate what you’re doing yourself and what you’ll need to hire a professional for. Make a budget for yourself. Make a decision about the look and feel of your home. Obtain the necessary approvals. Contractor’s liability assurance is something to look at. Make a schedule for yourself and adhere to that too. Get started right away!

Well it depends on the type and extent of remodeling you require at your place. With Demolition for kitchen cabinets and countertop it could take 2 weeks. It can take less than 2 weeks depending on if there is extra plumbing or ceiling/flooring renovation but for kitchen and countertop 2 weeks. Betty’s Kitchen and Bath are reputable builders with extensive knowledge in building, installations, and electrical and plumbing makeover.

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