Commercial Security Camera System Installation in Hialeah FL

CEO Solutions is a leading company for Commercial Security Camera System Installation in Hialeah FL. Our professionals are dedicated to offering maximum satisfaction to our clients. We deliver only high quality products. All our professionals are equipped with appropriate training and relevant education in the field of CCTV installation.

Our mission is to produce a very effective and efficient security surveillance network for all our clients.CEO Solutions takes a crucial role in the protection of people and property.

About CEO Solutions

We are a company that provides customized and complete solutions in the areas of security, automation and information technology.

We provide consulting, installation, updating, maintenance and technical support services for various systems and equipment, as well as preventive and corrective services for computer systems.

We focus on providing cutting-edge technology options, so you can automate and / or monitor your physical spaces, as well as protect the integrity and privacy of your information.

As technology professionals we focus on meeting the requirements of our customers, guiding and supporting them to meet the standards that ensure an excellent infrastructure in all areas.


We offer you different types of Security Camera solutions for your home, business or commercial property!

Security Camera

We offer a wide array of security systems that are designed to meet every requirement. No matter, if it is a CCTV installation or Access Control System you can trust us with any type of system. Our technicians are certified and have high quality technical training in the field, which ensures an outstanding level of services provided by CEO Solutions.

Access Control

With our Access Control Systems, you can monitor all who enter your property. These systems are user friendly and integrate into your existing CCTV system, which makes them a great addition to your security plan. We offer a commercial security camera installer near Miami with the best prices on the market!

Home Automation

If you are looking to establish a smart home or business automation system, look no further than CEO Solutions. We offer the best deals on all automation systems, enabling you to control your devices from one location. Our specialists can install any type of controller and make sure your automated devices will work seamlessly with each other for a more comfortable environment.


  • Expertise:We have extensive experience in the area of security camera installation. We offer complete support from planning to maintenance and repair.
  • Committed: We are committed to our clients to provide for their needs using the best technology systems. We provide our services with utmost quality and efficiency.
  • Dedicated:We are enthusiastic to respond proactively and in a timely fashion to any inquiries, questions, or concerns.

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Commercial Security Camera System Installation in Hialeah FL


Best security camera system installation service in my area. The CEO solutions have been recommended to me by several friends. I have seen some of their installations and they are impressive. They offer the best deals on home cameras in Hialeah FL! They came and installed them quickly and at a reasonable price. I will definitely use their services again.

McFadden Hunsicker

CEO Solutions just finished installing security cameras in my home, I am very happy with the results. The installer was really nice and made sure that everything worked before he left. I highly recommend hiring this company if you are looking for surveillance cameras in Hialeah FL.

Nelson Fred

I wanted a security camera installation near me to monitor my business, but I didn't want it to be super expensive. My brother told me about CEO Solutions, the owner gave me a great deal on security cameras installation Great service!

Victoria Schroeder

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Business security cameras work by sending information to a receiver that is sent back to the central unit that you are monitoring from. Sometimes the images are recorded, while other times they are not. Usually, you will get images of something suspicious happening before it becomes an issue.

    Yes, business security cameras do work. Statistics have shown that crime rates drop by as much as 50% when they are installed. This is because criminals tend to avoid areas or businesses that have security cameras around the property.

    Yes, CCTV cameras work just fine without electricity. If the power goes down, then they will still function with battery backup that is included in most cases.

    Do security cameras have night vision?

    Yes, most business security cameras have night vision that enables them to see well in the dark or in conditions where it is very dim.

    Business security cameras can see very well. They can pick up an object from 100 feet away in most cases. Also, if you get a camera that has the infrared capability, then it will be able to see even farther because heat is not limited by light.

    We are the best if you are looking for security camera system installation companies near me. We provide top notch security systems to our customers. Our goal is to make sure that you are safe and secure at all times. Exclusive deals are offered on any of our services, which will save you money. We also have technicians that speak different languages so everyone can understand them.

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      Are you looking for a security camera installation in Hialeah FL? CEO Solutions offers the best prices on security camera systems Hialeah FL. Our Security Surveillance Solution can help you protect both your home and business. All our Security Cameras are of the finest quality with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! You will never find cheaper security cameras than this!

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