Fast Water Restoration Services in Baton Rouge LA

Buckley services is a licensed and experienced company working effortlessly in the market for over 20 years now.  With many of our cleaning, janitorial, lighting, lawn, and handyman assistance we take pride in delivering thorough and fast water restoration in Baton Rouge LA and nearby areas. 

Our mission is to provide you with affordable water restoration services, to use the most advanced and revolutionary equipment to assure a secure and healthy lifestyle for our worthy customers.

About Buckley Services

Buckley services are among the best water restoration companies that provide top-notch services.  For all of your water damage restoration services Buckley services is the only site you need to call for maximum results. 

We are a trusted solution that can deal with both large and small residential and commercial water damage restoration tasks. Buckley services fix any kind of water damage repair with our new and advanced equipment and strategies.

We can understand how your life can be messed up whenever such unexpected situations occur. Time is crucial in such matters but you do not need to worry, because with us you will be sure of getting an immediate response as we provide 24/7/365 services.

Fast Carpet Cleaning Services in St Charles LA


At Buckley services, we have competent and skilled staff to provide you with the best cleaning experience while staying within your budget.

24/7 Online Service

We provide a 24/7 online service to entertain all your queries on time. Because time is the most uncontrollable factor when it comes to water damage. Our customer support is very quick and sensible. We make sure to respond to you in a maximum of five minutes. Also, we give free estimates.

Floorcare Services

Because we’re dealing with your family’s hygiene, floor care is crucial. We cover floor and carpet disinfecting to save your children and pets from diseases. We vacuum the debris first, then use soap water to remove harmful microbes and stains. Then we perform steam cleaning before sanitizing and after that deodorizing of the surface takes place to leave it with a lovely fragrance.

Fast Carpet Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge LA

Carpet Cleaning Services

If you can’t afford a new carpet, give your old one a fresh glimpse of life with our cleaning services. We will clean your carpet more exclusively than you can. We will aid you in extending the life of your carpet, and allowing you to save money on carpet replacements.


Fast Water Restoration Services in Baton Rouge LA


They were at our place the same day we phoned and gave us a full explanation of how to best fix our water damage problem, as well as a precise quote the following day. They were the only company that genuinely understood the problem and offered extra answers that no one else had considered. They arrived on scheduled time, prepared the area, protected all furniture and appliances, and completed the work in just two days. I highly recommend Buckley services.

Patricia G. Howes

The crew at Buckley services was incredible. Due to water leaking and mold, I was looking for water restoration companies near me. They helped us through it all and were extremely knowledgeable and thorough. They were trustworthy and dependable. If you ever need water damage cleanup, then my suggestion for you is to try them out at least once. They are fantastic and will help you turn a horrible, stressful situation around. "Many thanks!"

Gary C. Merritt

Great job! The end outcome was excellent, and we couldn't be happier. The work was top-notch, workers were courteous and friendly and the pricing was reasonable. They come highly recommended by us!

Robert E. Emrick

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are the top carpet cleaning company that is always striving to be better than yesterday since we are favored by professionals. Our passionate professionals are well-behaved and customer-friendly. Our customer service department is available to assist you at any time. Also, for both residential and commercial water damage restoration, our prices are lower than others.

    Water restoration is a professional service that eliminates water from your property and restores it to its original, livable state. The process starts with an inspection. The second step is water removal, then drying occurs after that cleaning and sanitization processes take place and the final step is restoration.

    Water restoration cost is highly fluctuating because it is dependent on the type and extent of services you are taking but typically for the average water damage repairs the price is $2,582  it can range between $1,074 and $4,090.

    These companies are an all-in-one solution for all your commercial or residential water damage restoration. You can call us if you need the assistance of a skilled water remediation company. We’ll remove the water, set up commercial drying and dehumidification equipment, and, if necessary, sanitize and treat the area with antimicrobials.

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      Buckley services are among the best water restoration companies that provide top-notch services.  For all of your water damage restoration services Buckley services is the only site you need to call for maximum results.

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