House Pressure Washing Services in Fairfax VA

Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing is a locally owned professional company that provides house pressure washing services in Fairfax VA The company is fully insured and licensed. Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing are eco friendly ( no chemicals or detergents used ) house cleaners that use 100% biodegradable products.  Our professionals  are experienced and give great importance to detailing. 

Our company’s mission is simple: use the best equipment for each material so that you can have a professional experience with us every time – no matter what kind of project comes up next door or how much dirt needs removing from around home improvement projects.

About Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing

Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing provides residential pressure washing services to homeowners.

Pressure washing your house is necessary to remove mold, mildew and moss from siding, roofing shingles, decks, patio furniture and brick foundations. 

Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing will advise you of areas that need special attention after a brief walk around your home. 

We are experienced in the safe use of high pressure washing equipment and consequently delivers the best house pressure washing services Fairfax VA


We use the best quality services for residential power washing, commercial power washing, roof washing, power cleaning and many more .


Soft washing is a friendly alternative to power-washing your home. This process involves the application of an ecofriendly solution, followed by low pressure and gentle strokes across all surfaces–not just certain areas like edges or porches which would be missed with traditional techniques. To ensure that there are no harmful chemicals being used on you or yours we always make sure our solutions will never damage anything!

Roof Washing

We take great care to make sure the environment is never impacted by our services. Our team uses eco-friendly chemicals and detergents, which are safe for landscaping but lethal against algae on roofs! We do not use any high pressure so there’s absolutely no damage or scrubbing needed – just a specially formulated cleaner solution that will kill all organic matter left behind from mosses, lichens ,and more . You can have peace of mind knowing we’ll be responsible stewards with your home too.

Hardscape cleaning

Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing also provides the best hardscape cleaning services in Arlington VA and nearby areas. With our  service you are guaranteed to get 100% customer satisfaction. There are so many different types of surfaces used in residential homes, Some things like roofs stay relatively clean but other materials like concrete turn black, loose color and look dirty.Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing use safe non toxic chemicals that are environmentally friendly follows strict environmental standards.


House Pressure Washing Services in Fairfax VA


I would recommend Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing to anyone who is planning on having their house power washed. I had Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing do my house power washing and they did a fantastic job. The price was very reasonable too. They are one of the best home pressure washing companies in the US.

Willie R. Carlson

Their team is amazing and the customer care is unparalleled. They clearly love what they do, as evidenced by the passion in every word of communication from him! they have provided me with fantastic home pressure washing near me. i will recommend them to all my friends and family

Ana F. Thompson

Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing and their staff is very professional . I took their house pressure washing services near me and they were worth the time and every penny. Many thanks

Tommy J. Scott

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Painting without pressure washing is not preferred. Because Painting without pressure washing first will result in paint that peels away more quickly and doesn’t last nearly as long on an un-cleaned surface than it would on one with proper cleaning beforehand!

    At Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing, our experienced and highly trained cleaners provide Arlington pressure washing services. They are all licensed and dedicated to providing you premium cleanings. They take great care to stay eco friendly throughout the process.

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    Our pressure washing agents are environmentally friendly and most of them do not cause any damage to plants, even if there is a probability, we make sure to tell this to the homeowner so that he can take safety measures. don’t worry, our services are green and good to go.

    er checking all of them you will reach us because our customer reviews Feedback is the greatest of all.

    You can clean your solar panel with soapy water and a soft scrubber. But of course per year services from an experienced company would be a good idea to increase the efficiency of your solar panel.

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      We deliver hot water solar panel cleaning services at hugely affordable prices at your first call. Our soft washing services are certificated and insured. The solar panels require complete cleaning from time to time because the dust particles and bird poops can decrease the light penetration into solar panels. We provide 100% trusted services to make your solar panel free from debris and unseen hazardous particles at hugely amazing prices.


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