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R&N Technical has the best New home pre-wire contractor in Parker CO. We are able to prewire a home for the future. We have done this on many homes so we know how to get a job done right.  We provide experienced new construction cable tv wiring at affordable prices. When we install our service, we ensure that it is done right the first time!

Our mission is to provide the best pre-wire service for your home. We want to make sure you have the best wiring possible in your home. Whether you need a new home prewire contractor in Denver or for an existing home, we can help!

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About R&N Technical

R&N Technical is a locally owned and operated company, so we are able to do the job right the first time and at a fair price. We have a great reputation in the industry which means we do an outstanding new home pre-wired for security systems every time. We provide the best wiring for a new house for the future. 

We have many contractors for pre-wire for surround sound in new construction and every time the work comes out great. We are also able to do more than just the basic wiring, but also install a security system, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components that need to be installed in the new home before it is turned over to the homeowner.

We will work with you from start to finish so that the end product is exactly what you want. We will take care of everything from permits, inspections, and even moving furniture around for you.


We offer a wide variety of services. Our professionals will work with you and make sure all is up to code.

Home Theater Installation

We have experts for your new home theater installations. We work by your plans, and will give you the best with a budget in mind! A great place to watch movies or sporting events is through a fantastic sound system – so come meet us if that’s what interests you.

TV Mounting

Tv mounting is a great way to save space and create a clean, stylish entertainment area. We can mount any type and size tv and we also offer custom solutions for special situations and installations. Professional installation ensures your tv is securely mounted.

Surround Sound System

Turn your home into a cinema. R & N technical can install a surround sound system to provide you with an entertainment experience to cherish long after the installation is complete. No matter what size, shape, or layout of your home, we can help you design a custom sound system that fits your home perfectly.

Low Voltage Cabling

Our professionals are experts in providing low voltage cabling. They are well trained to handle any task. We are able to prewire a home for the future. Our team of professionals will make sure all cabling and networkings are up to code.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera installation is yet another fabulous service we provide. We can install both indoor and outdoor cameras. We can provide you with a security system for your home. We will make sure it is up to code and safe for your family.

Video Doorbell

We offer a wide variety of installation services for Video doorbells. Video doorbells are great for home security, allowing you to see who is at your door even if you are not home. We offer the best services for Video Doorbells. The professionals at our company are experts.


I was looking for a new home pre-wire contractor near me, I found the best company for my new home pre-wire which is R&N Technical. I had a lot of electrical work and security system work to be done in my new home. I called them and they were able to get me scheduled quickly. They have a great team to help me with all my electrical needs.

Thomas M. Chaisson

Fabulous experience! The customer service was great. All the workers were very helpful. They help me out in picking up the right choice for my house. Also, their pre-wire new construction cost is lower than other companies.

William L. Burpee

I recommend everyone who needs pre-wire construction to use R&N Technical. I have taken their services two times before and both the times they were great. The professionals are hardworking and friendly.

James C. Amezquita

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the sheetrock stage of residential construction, the placement of cables and wiring should be done. It comprises both the alternating current electrical wiring and the low-power home base cabling.

In new construction and remodels, people like to prewire (roughly) the following categories:

Television, projector, and video transmission are all examples of video,  Surround Audio, Primary and Secondary Surround Sounds, Audio for the home, Wire, satellite, and internet providers, Cameras for Monitoring, House safety, Internet and network, Shades.

Just leave the work to one of our best new homes pre-wire contractors near Denver. Our professionals will guide you in a comprehensive manner. They will provide you with tailored services just according to your needs. 

Copper wires are the best option if you require a wire for your home’s wiring. Copper conducts better than aluminum, although it is heavier and more expensive. Well, for expert advice do contact one of our Denver new home pre-wire contractors

Yes! You can prewire for the soundtrack Also, Many people think about pre-wiring surround sound in their primary media room or theater. You also should think about pre-wiring for Secondary Surrounds. The opportunities are limitless: Bedroom, Enclosed Deck, Pool, Great Room, and so on. Consider a soundbar or full stereo if you have a room where you could benefit from more sound.

We do it with special care and while considering your needs in mind. We have highly trained professionals who take pride in providing tailored services according to your requirements.

R&N Technical can do just about any type of and commercial  Residential new home pre-wire contractor Denver and any type of electrical project you may need. Whether it is lighting, wiring your house or business, setting up an alarm system, or anything else you may need. We want to be your go-to electricians for all your needs!

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    R&N Technical is a locally owned and operated company, so we are able to do the job right the first time and at a fair price. We have a great reputation in the industry which means we do an outstanding new home pre-wired for security systems every time. We provide the best wiring for a new house for the future.

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    Protect your home and property with an over the garage outdoor security camera! The over the garage door camera offers much more coverage and flexibility then video doorbells, and these cameras offer person detection features that will provide real time video to your mobile phone when someone enters your property. The over the garage camera also has two-way audio to allow you to listen to what is going on, as well as communicate through the camera to any would-be trespasser.

    R&N Technical can provide and install a small but extremely powerful camera that provides 2K resolution, two-way audio, a spotlight for night viewing, and instant alerts when a person enters the cameras range. 

    • Our security camera is small yet powerful.
    • Our camera is very discrete yet offers excellent coverage and protection.
    Video doorbells are great but in many instances they do not allow for a complete view of your yard. Our garage camera allows for an unobstructed view of your entire yard!
    View from a typical doorbell camera (limited view)
    View from garage camera covers the entire yard
    Call or text today for a free site survey and estimate. We can come out and assess the best video surveillance strategy for your home or office.