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A.W Brows and Lashes is a certified and licensed company that does all types of permanent makeup with advanced, effective, and safe techniques. We are also available for a permanent makeup apprenticeship, Kansas City MO. Permanent makeup helps us gently redefine or enhance our looks. According to your preferences, it can be natural or developed to be a more dramatic makeup look. 

Our mission is to provide high-quality, practical learning certification programs that will help students master new skills and start their careers as permanent makeup artists.  We are dedicated to maintaining excellent standards in our training programs while providing fair and competitive prices.

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About A.W Brows And Lashes

Do you want to start a new career to boost your income? A.W Brows and Lashes is your ultimate option to get adequate training for permanent makeup. Our classes attract students from all around the United States. Our Microblading Apprenticeship is for all persons including newcomers and those with no prior experience or a background in the beauty industry. 

Our 100-hour microblading course covers strategy, technique, and practical skill sets, giving you the information and tools you need to jumpstart your career as a Microblading Artist. We are pretty much focused on educating students effectively so that they can differentiate between safe and toxic products by their skin types. 

Several people have benefited from our online microblading training in these Corona times and many of them are now working as professionals and supporting their families. With our professional permanent makeup apprenticeship, we mentor you from a beginner to a skilled artist.

Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship Las Vegas NV


We take pride in providing hassle-free and 100% satisfactory results excellently, safely, and quickly at affordable prices. 

Microblading Apprenticeship

With A.W Brows and Lashes, you’ll get practical learning instruction and get to see the process in action in a real-life situation. You will have the opportunity to work not only on synthetic skin but also on live models under the supervision of our instructors. Also,if you want to polish your skill you can take our 1 or 2-day microblading training. With us, you will also receive marketing and business assistance which will help you in the long run. 

Permanent makeup apprenticeship

Do you wish to work as a permanent makeup artist? Before you get to that point, you must first complete an apprenticeship program. You will be escorted through the process by a licensed supervisor, who will educate you on the proper use of the equipment and practically teaches you techniques of hyperpigmentation and others. 

Eyebrow tattoo removal

If your eyebrow tattoos are no longer compatible with your personal style or the style you have opted for is no longer a trend. If you want to undo the mistake our eyebrow tattoo removal services are best for you. At A.W Brows and Lashes, we offer safe and beneficial eyebrow tattoo removal to restore a more natural look and eliminate unequal or overdone brows.

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Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship Kansas City MO


I can't thank you enough for providing me with the most amazing microblading apprenticeship near me. My instructor’s greatest asset is her wealth of expertise, which she generously offers. The educator was really knowledgeable and professional. The class was enjoyable for me. The environment was extremely proficient and helpful. Highly recommended!

Willie Swanson

I am overwhelmed with A.W Brows and Lashes. I have worked with two different companies before but the experience was not good. However, even the first class with A.W brows and lashes was phenomenal. I appreciated the instructor’s willingness to answer any queries I had. She made the course material very simple for me to comprehend. She shared a lot about her professional experience.

Roderick Jenkins

I had a great time in class and am excited to start offering Microblading to my clients. They are the best permanent makeup apprenticeship near me. Many thanks.

Elvira Cooper

Frequently Asked Questions

As a licensed and bonded company, we have been chosen by professionals and earned an exceptionally solid reputation, which we’ll share with you if you study with us. Our credentials are insurable and internationally recognized. We keep in touch with you after your training is completed, offering assistance and advice as needed. Also, our online microblading training will help you save time and money.

Because estheticians are already trained in the traditional makeup application and are well-versed in the principles of skincare, several institutions only accept students who already have esthetician licenses. But we also help beginners who have no previous experience. We are open to every one of you and will feel delighted to help. 

A course or an apprenticeship program can be used to train permanent makeup artists. To qualify for a license, some states require tattoo artists to finish an apprenticeship protocol, while others consider completion of training sufficient. The duration of the program might range from 6 months to 300 hours.

When it comes to permanent cosmetic tattoos in especially the eye area, there seems to be a lot of space for error. Permanent eyeliner can be harmless and secure when done correctly by a professional or trained aesthetician in a trustworthy location. It will reduce your daily hassle considerably if you are not a pro at applying eyeliners.

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    A.W Brows and Lashes is your ultimate option to get adequate training for permanent makeup. Our classes attract students from all around the United States. Our Microblading Apprenticeship is for all persons including newcomers and those with no prior experience or a background in the beauty industry. 

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