Upholstery Cleaning Services in Murrieta CA Hen’s Dry Carpet is a family-owned business that specializes in all types of cleanings for homes and businesses. We provide high-quality upholstery cleaning services in Murrieta CA. With over 20 years of expertise, our regional furniture specialists are qualified and competent. We take pride in providing quick and professional services at affordable prices.

Our mission is to provide the best upholstery cleaning solution by qualified workers. In addition to cleaning, we urge you to use equipment that improves the quality and increases the life of your upholstery.
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About Hen's Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Are you looking for upholstery cleaning services in, USA? Congratulations! Your search is completed after this. Because you are at the very right place. We at Hen’s Dry Carpet provide exceptional upholstery cleaning services. 

We realize that your upholstery is among the most significant purchases you will make in your house. With all that in consideration, you can trust the Hen’s Dry Carpet professionals to complete the work correctly. 

Our certified specialists exhibit professional cleaning expertise utilizing the very successful hot-water extraction cleaning procedure and some advanced methods combined with it to give a long-lasting beautiful clean-up to your upholstery.

Local Area Rug Cleaning Service in Perris CA


At Hen’s Dry Carpet we make certain that you receive the best cleaning services possible at a reasonable price.

Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to choosing the best cleaning procedures for your rug’s weave, textures, and pigments, our carefully trained, certified specialists are experts in this. To fully cleanse your rugs and eliminate unwanted dust, spills, or allergens, we employ the most modern technologies available today.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional tile and grout cleaning services are essential  to any cleaning schedule for your house or company. Because tile floors lose their sheen and brightness over time. To reach the interior of your tiles, we employ powerful treatments and technology. We also have the necessary equipment and skills for grout cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

A mattress that has been professionally cleaned is beautiful to sleep on. We’ll ensure your mattresses are completely clean and odor-free using our innovative procedures. We employ advanced procedures to remove stains and dust from your mattress. Furthermore, the services we offer are rapid and efficient Once you’ve tried our services, we’re confident you’ll want to come back.


  • Expertise: Our expertise and skill lead in one of the most long-lasting and premium results.
  • Committed: We are a dependable organisation, and every member of our team is honest and accountable for their job.
  • Dedicated: We are committed to providing the best service possible by thoroughly cleaning your precious belongings.


Got the best upholstery cleaning service near me from Hen’s Dry Carpet. These are folks you can put your faith in. The results were outstanding, just as is the customer care, and there would always be someone on the other end of the line. They showed up on time, provided me with a straightforward idea of what I should anticipate in terms of performance for my couch and provided precisely what they said they would. They are providing the best upholstery cleaning services in my area. Thanks a lot.

Louis N. Braxton

I've worked with various firms before, but Hen’s Dry Carpet stands out, got my couch and chairs cleaned and undoubtedly got the best results. Customer service was outstanding; they could not have been more accommodating, and both the workers were extraordinary. I am 100% satisfied with their upholstery cleaning services near me. I highly recommend them, without a doubt they are the best.

Christopher J. Young

Hen’s Dry Carpet has provided me with remarkable upholstery cleaning near me. The final product results are outstanding, as was the customer service, which was pleasant and polite. We had previously tried different cleaners, but they produced a superior clean in every way and were well worth the money. In the future, we will only use them. Highly recommended.

Troy J. Petterson

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mix 1 tablespoon dish wash or Castile soap, 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup hot water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Spray the dirty area with water. Scrub the stain with a gentle cloth until it disappears. For extra care and more advanced techniques, call a professional upholstery cleaning company.

    Upholstery cleaning is a vast process, for mild stains and residues you can use your grandmother’s suggestion and can do it yourself. But if you want to maintain and increase the life of your upholstery, you should definitely deep clean it with the help of professionals at least twice a year.

    When cleaning upholstery for furniture, use the appropriate cleaning product according to the material and fabric of your furniture. While the carpet cleaner is both an upholstery and carpet cleaner, it could be used to clean the upholstery in your home or workplace.

    We are properly trained at  He’s Dry Carpet and appreciate the need to stay modern with the latest cleaning processes. We don’t only talk about advanced equipment, we work for it. Our professionals are certified and proficient. We are prompt and give at least possible prices and we offer quality assurance. 

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      Are you looking for upholstery cleaning services in, USA? Congratulations! Your search is completed after this. Because you are at the very right place. We at Hen’s Dry Carpet provide exceptional upholstery cleaning services.

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