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United Nanny has established itself as the vanguard of excellence, providing Certified Child Care Services in Downtown Chicago IL. Our commitment is a beacon that illuminates the way toward a nurturing haven where your child’s journey is enriched by dedicated caregivers. Melding certified expertise with boundless compassion, we curate an environment that kindles holistic growth from the earliest moments. Step into a realm where your child’s development is not just a service, but a profound and purposeful voyage. 

Our mission is to equip young minds with values, skills, and an unwavering sense of curiosity, charting a course toward a future brimming with promise. In doing so, we meticulously pave the path toward a future that gleams with unbounded promise. With certified caregivers as guiding stars, we navigate this transformative voyage, ensuring each child’s journey is one of holistic growth and limitless potential.


United Nanny

Distinguished as a pioneer in Certified Child Care Services in Downtown Chicago IL, United Nanny stands apart. Our cadre of certified caregivers, meticulously chosen and trained, embodies our unwavering commitment to exceptional child care.

Beyond routine care, we craft personalized, budget-friendly, and Certified Child Care Services for each child. Fostering intellectual agility, emotional intelligence, and social adeptness, we kindle a holistic growth flame. Guided explorations and interactive ventures become the building blocks of your child’s expanding world.

Within United Nanny’s realm, a community of nurturing hearts converges. Certified caregivers, parents, and children create an ecosystem of shared aspirations. Through enriching interactions, we weave a tapestry of trust, security, and collaboration, where your child can flourish.

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Full-Time Nanny Jobs

Elevate your child's care with our Full Time Nanny Jobs, where excellence meets dedication. Our certified caregivers become an integral part of your family, providing personalized attention, educational stimulation, and round-the-clock care. With a focus on holistic growth, your child's developmental journey thrives in a safe and enriching environment, ensuring you peace of mind as you pursue your commitments.

Best Nanny Placement Agency

United Nanny stands as the foremost Best Nanny Placement Agency, connecting families with remarkable caregivers. Our rigorous selection process ensures your child is entrusted to certified experts who embody our values. We go beyond a mere placement, fostering lasting relationships built on trust. Our tailored approach and personalized matching guarantee a seamless fit, where caregiver and family synergize to create a nurturing space tailored to your child's unique needs.

Part-Time Nanny

United Nanny presents Part Time Nanny services, a harmonious balance between care and flexibility. Our certified caregivers offer support during pivotal hours, ensuring your child's growth continues unhindered. Whether it's educational engagement, recreational activities, or meal preparation, our dedicated caregivers become reliable allies in your child's developmental journey. Embrace the advantages of professional care while preserving your schedule's fluidity with our Part Time Nanny services.


  • Expertise:

    Navigating child development intricacies with finesse, our certified caregivers showcase unparalleled expertise in nurturing young minds.

  • Committed:

    Bound by an unbreakable commitment, we tirelessly strive to provide Certified Child Care Services that exceed expectations.

  • Dedicated:

    Our team’s unwavering dedication ensures a haven of growth, learning, and love, crafting lasting memories for your child.


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Select our services and experience our unwavering dedication to providing excellent Certified Child Care Services. Our caregivers are not only certified but also combine their expertise with compassion, creating a secure and stimulating environment where your child can thrive and grow. With personalized attention, innovative approaches, and a dedication to fostering values, United Nanny ensures your child's future shines bright.

While both provide child care, a nanny offers consistent, full-time care. Nannies often become an extended part of your family, focusing on holistic development, education, and routine. Babysitters offer short-term care, usually during specific hours, providing supervision and basic needs. Nannies build deep bonds and contribute to long-term development, whereas babysitters are ideal for temporary or occasional care.

The main duty of a nanny extends far beyond conventional care. Nannies are entrusted with a child's holistic growth, encompassing physical, emotional, and intellectual development. They provide personalized attention, educational engagement, and support with daily routines. Nannies become role models, fostering values and life skills while ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. Their dedication shapes a child's future and instills a strong foundation for success.

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United Nanny orchestrates Certified Child Care Services with paramount standards of safety and innovation. Each aspect of our program is an ode to your child’s holistic evolution, ensuring their days are filled with learning, laughter, and luminosity.

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