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Unlock the Best Full-Time Nanny Jobs in Chicago, IL with United Nanny, Your gateway to unparalleled career growth and fulfillment. Join us in reshaping childcare dynamics with our cutting-edge platform. United Nanny revolutionizes the nanny-job landscape, connecting top-tier caregivers with discerning families, ensuring a harmonious fit that enriches lives. Your journey to becoming an integral part of a child’s developmental milestones starts here. Elevate your nanny career to new heights in the vibrant tapestry of Chicago, IL. Your passion, our platform – an unbeatable combination.

Our mission is to nurture a supportive atmosphere where skilled nannies find fulfilling full-time opportunities that align with their expertise. Through our cutting-edge platform, we seamlessly match exceptional caregivers with families, ensuring a harmonious and enriching environment for both the children and the dedicated nannies who shape their lives.


United Nanny

United Nanny stands as a trailblazer in revolutionizing the landscape of Full Time Nanny Jobs in Chicago IL. With a forward-thinking ethos, we transcend traditional employment paradigms by curating bespoke connections that empower nannies and families alike.

Our visionary approach is centered on meticulous compatibility assessment, uniting families seeking devoted caregivers who genuinely resonate with their values and childcare aspirations. As a united force, we reimagine childcare as a collaborative journey, a fusion of talents and dreams.

Distinguished by our innovation, we harness advanced technology to elevate the Full Time Nanny Jobs placement experience. Our proprietary algorithm, coupled with comprehensive profiles, scrutinizes candidates to pinpoint attributes that go beyond the surface. This ensures that every placement is a harmonious blend of skill, character, and cultural affinity.

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Certified Child Care Services

United Nanny takes child care to the next level with our Certified Child Care Services. Our rigorously screened and professionally trained nannies ensure a nurturing and secure environment for your child's growth. We go beyond conventional care, offering enriching experiences that stimulate curiosity, creativity, and social development. With a focus on safety and education, our certified childcare services grant you peace of mind while your child thrives under the guidance of our skilled caregivers.

Part-Time Nanny Jobs

Seeking work-life balance? United Nanny presents Part Time Nanny Jobs tailored to your schedule. Whether you're a student, a freelancer, or someone with other commitments, our flexible positions empower you to earn while pursuing your passions. These opportunities allow you to provide exceptional care and companionship to families seeking reliable support on a part-time basis. Join our community and unlock the potential of part-time nanny roles, where you can make a significant impact in the lives of children and their families.

Certified Nanny Jobs

Elevate your nanny career with United Nanny's Certified Nanny Jobs. We understand that exceptional childcare requires skill, dedication, and training. Our certified nanny positions ensure that you, as a qualified caregiver, have the opportunity to shine. Experience the fulfillment of working with families who value your expertise, and create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and development. Through our platform, embark on a journey where your certification is recognized and rewarded, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding career.


  • Expertise:

    Unparalleled mastery in child development, ensuring every child’s growth journey is nurtured and enriched to its fullest potential.

  • Committed:

     Passionately committed to shaping young minds through dedicated full-time care, fostering a nurturing environment for optimal development.

  • Dedicated:

    Wholeheartedly dedicated to providing exceptional full-time nanny services, going above and beyond for each child’s well-being and happiness.


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United Nanny stands apart through our commitment to excellence. Our rigorous selection process ensures top-tier caregivers, while our advanced matching technology creates ideal partnerships. We prioritize your career aspirations and the well-being of children, crafting a transformative experience for both nannies and families. Choose us for unparalleled support, enriching Chicago IL Full Time Nanny Jobs opportunities, and the chance to make a lasting impact on young lives.

While both nurture children, a nanny provides consistent, long-term care. Nannies often have formal training and certifications, and engage in educational and developmental activities. Babysitters offer short-term care, usually for evenings or occasional needs. Nannies become an essential part of a child's routine and growth, whereas babysitters focus on immediate supervision.

A nanny's primary role is to provide comprehensive care and support to children. Beyond supervision, nannies engage in educational activities, assist with homework, plan outings, and create a stimulating environment. Nannies also handle light household tasks related to childcare, promoting a seamless balance between nurturing children and supporting families. This holistic approach ensures children's well-being, development, and a positive family dynamic.

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