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United Nanny is your ultimate resource if you need to Find Experienced Nannies Near in Chicago IL. United Nanny is your premier destination for connecting with skilled caregivers who cater to your family’s needs. Our innovative platform streamlines the process, ensuring you discover the ideal nanny to provide unparalleled care and support. We understand that exceptional childcare lays the foundation for a thriving family dynamic. Say goodbye to the traditional search; with United Nanny, your quest for top-notch childcare ends here.

Our mission is to empower families across Chicago, IL by providing a seamless platform to discover top-tier nannies. Through our innovative approach and personalized guidance, we are dedicated to fostering nurturing relationships between families and nannies, ensuring a brighter future for both.


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At United Nanny, we revolutionize the way families Find Experienced Nannies in Chicago IL. Our commitment to excellence drives us to meticulously select and curate a network of exceptional caregivers who are adept at providing the highest level of care.

Our unique approach centers around the core values of Certainty, Quality, and Community. With a keen understanding of the challenges families face in locating trusted childcare providers, United Nanny steps in as your dedicated partner in this journey. 

Our proprietary matching algorithm, underpinned by comprehensive vetting processes, guarantees that you’ll find Chicago IL`s Experienced Nannies whose skills and compatibility align seamlessly with your family’s requirements.

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Full-Time Nanny Jobs

Discover stability and excellence with our Full Time Nanny jobs service. United Nanny connects you with dedicated, professional nannies who are committed to providing comprehensive care for your children. Whether you're a working parent or need continuous support, our carefully vetted nannies ensure a nurturing environment while fostering growth and development.

Best Nanny Placement Agency

At United Nanny, we pride ourselves on being the best nanny placement agency in Chicago, IL. Our agency stands out due to our rigorous screening process, tailored matching, and personalized approach. We don't just find nannies – we create lasting connections between families and caregivers. With our exceptional track record and dedication to excellence, you can trust us to deliver the highest standard of childcare solutions.

Part-Time Nanny

United Nanny understands that flexibility is essential. Our Part Time Nanny service caters to your varying schedules without compromising on quality care. Whether you need assistance a few hours a day or specific days of the week, our part-time nannies offer the same level of professionalism, reliability, and care. Find the perfect nanny to complement your family's dynamics, ensuring your children's well-being and happiness.


  • Expertise:

    Our nannies bring unmatched expertise, ensuring your child receives exceptional care that nurtures growth and development.

  • Committed:

    We are committed to providing families with trusted nannies who are dedicated to fostering your child’s well-being.

  • Dedicated:

    Our team is dedicated to finding you the perfect nanny, ensuring a tailored match that fits your family’s unique needs.


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United Nanny stands out as your ultimate partner in finding exceptional childcare. Our unparalleled commitment to personalized matching, rigorous vetting, and nurturing connections sets us apart. With a focus on Chicago, IL, we deliver experienced nannies who align with your family's values and needs, ensuring a harmonious and secure environment for your children.

While both provide child care, nannies offer consistent, personalized care with deep involvement in the child's development and daily routines. Babysitters typically provide short-term care and supervision. Nannies forge strong bonds, nurturing emotional and educational growth, while babysitters offer temporary relief for parents.

The primary duty of a nanny extends beyond basic supervision. Nannies engage in comprehensive child care, including educational support, maintaining routines, preparing meals, and fostering emotional development. They become a trusted presence, offering stability, guidance, and a supportive relationship that contributes to a child's holistic growth.

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We don’t just connect families with nannies; we foster relationships that endure. United Nanny goes beyond the conventional nanny-finding experience by promoting a sense of belonging and trust within our community.

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