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Are you searching for the perfect opportunity to showcase your exceptional childcare skills? Look no further! United Nanny specializes in connecting passionate professional nannies with fulfilling and rewarding jobs in the heart of Chicago, IL. Our role is to cultivate opportunities that align with your expertise, preferences, and ambitions, ensuring that your career is not just a job, but an enriching lifelong pursuit. Discover dream Professional Nanny Jobs in Chicago IL with United Nanny!

Our mission is to foster a supportive community where expertise, compassion, and trust converge, ensuring that every child receives top-notch care while our nannies thrive in their roles. Together, we’re shaping brighter futures and making a lasting impact on the world of childcare.


United Nanny

At United Nanny, we are more than a placement agency – we are matchmakers of passion, skill, and compassion. Our unwavering focus is on nurturing exceptional connections between skilled professional nannies and families seeking Professional Nanny Jobs in Chicago IL.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalized matchmaking. We understand that each nanny is unique, and so are the families they serve. Our meticulous screening process for Professional Nanny Jobs ensures that every nanny possesses not only the requisite qualifications but also a deep-seated dedication to their craft. 

We go beyond the usual to pair nannies with families where their skills can truly shine, creating harmonious environments that foster growth and development for both the child and the caregiver.

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Career Nanny

Elevate your childcare career with our Career Nanny service. We specialize in matching seasoned nannies with families seeking a long-term commitment. Through meticulous profiling and personalized placement, we ensure that your skills, experience, and aspirations align seamlessly with a family's needs. Unlock new opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction as you embark on a meaningful journey of nurturing and shaping young lives.

Nanny Work

Explore a world of flexible and rewarding nanny work with our Nanny Work service. Whether you're a student, have other commitments, or simply prefer a more flexible schedule, we connect you with families seeking part-time, temporary, or occasional childcare assistance. Make a positive impact while enjoying the flexibility that suits your lifestyle. Join us to experience the joy of working with children on your terms.

Certified Nanny Jobs

Dive into the world of certified nanny jobs through our specialized service. We understand the value of accredited training and certification. United Nanny partners with families who prioritize professional development and recognize the importance of a certified nanny's expertise. If you hold relevant qualifications and certifications, we'll match you with families who share your commitment to excellence, ensuring a rewarding and purpose-driven childcare experience.


  • Expertise:

    Navigating the intricate world of childcare with finesse, our nannies bring unmatched expertise to nurture young minds.

  • Committed:

    We are wholeheartedly committed to fostering a nurturing and growth-oriented environment for both nannies and families.

  • Dedicated:

    Our team of dedicated nannies is passionate about shaping brighter futures and making a lasting impact on children’s lives.


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United Nanny stands out for our unwavering dedication to forging meaningful connections between exceptional nannies and families. Our personalized matchmaking, commitment to professional growth, and emphasis on creating nurturing environments set us apart. We provide unparalleled support to nannies and families alike, fostering a community of trust, respect, and collaboration. Choose us to embark on a fulfilling journey that goes beyond traditional nanny placements.

While both nannies and babysitters provide childcare, the key distinction lies in the nature and duration of their roles. Nannies are typically full-time or part-time caregivers, often forming long-term bonds with families. They focus on the child's overall development, including education and growth. Babysitters, on the other hand, are usually hired on an occasional basis for shorter periods. Nannies have a deeper involvement in the child's life and are often considered an integral part of the family.

The primary role of a nanny extends beyond basic supervision. Nannies play a pivotal role in a child's holistic development. They provide personalized care, create stimulating environments, engage in educational activities, and nurture emotional well-being. Nannies often take on responsibilities such as meal preparation, transportation, and light household chores related to the child. Their goal is to provide a safe, loving, and enriching environment that supports a child's growth and learning.

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United Nanny is not just a platform – it’s a community where caregivers and families come together to create memories and support one another. Whether you’re an experienced nanny looking to elevate your career or a family in search of a trusted partner, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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