Certified Freezer Repair Service Atlanta GA Express Appliance Repair has experience of over 25 years, we are a locally owned company that provides certified freezer repair service in Atlanta GA. We have a highly professional and courteous team that delivers quick employment at the least possible prices.

Our mission is to provide superior quality residential and commercial freezer repair at low costs and by making certain that our devices are eco-friendly. Another motive is to make our customer’s life effortless and delighted by fixing all their repairing issues.
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About Express Appliance Repair

Express Appliance Repair is a certified and licensed company. You can trust us for your repairs  because we have done it many times before in our 25 years long experience. Our professional freezer repair services are also affordable.

We know that for a freezer repair you need very quick services, as your food can’t wait for a long time. Mostly we get your freezer at working phase by just one day of employment. We are available 365 days of the year, whenever you need us, no matter night or day.


We are providing many other top-class repairs and restorations of your appliances by trained professionals all of which are certainly guaranteed.

AC Repair Services

If your AC is not working correctly, and you are unable to figure out the issue, then get our AC repaired, we will arrive at your house and will deduce the crisis promptly. We will try our best to get the job done correctly and rapidly. We accomplish all work on the same day and within some hours mostly.

Microwave Repair Services

We have skilled professionals who can fix all microwave issues, if it’s not heating properly, the touchpad is not working, the turntable is not moving, or if it is sparkling by any issues in the wiring. We are your all in one solution, furthermore, we are cheaper than other repairing companies.

Dishwasher Repair Services

Our experienced workers are keen to get your dishwasher working as soon as possible because we know how difficult your life is if you are habitual of a dishwasher. On your first call, the technician will reach your place rapidly and fix the damaged dishwasher in no time.


  • Expertise: Our experts have a great understanding of their chores and they always struggle to compose new and better methods for your repair.
  • Committed: We are very enthusiastic and serious when it comes to working. We add positive energy to all the projects.
  • Dedicated: We are devoted to giving you ideal services with excellent quality and expertise.


I normally do not bother myself writing a review for anyone, as nowadays services are not so out of the world. Something is always missing. But with express appliance repair, it was totally an opposite experience. My freezer has stopped working. So, for the freezer leaking water repair service they were prompt and knowledgeable. Then their freezer compressor repair cost was also too low. I am so delighted that I can use my freezer again.

William S. Buskirk

I was searching for a professional freezer repairman service near me. And on a friend’s advice, I hired Express appliance repair. And I think it was one of the few better decisions in my whole life. The staff was well equipped and consistent. They completed the work even before the decided time. As a whole, it was a great experience. The staff knew what they were doing, they were highly experienced. Surely, they are the best freezer repair in my area. I highly recommend Express Appliance Repair. You should definitely try it out.

Natasha J. Mahan

I just can't believe that after calling them they gave me the appointment on the very next day. And this wonderful customer service does not stop here, when they reached home they were very quick and at the same time thorough. Their home freezer repair service in Atlanta GA is highly professional. It was crystal clear that the staff is highly passionate about the work. They also gave some tips to increase its lifespan. They were actually so honest with me. They are a terrific freezer repair near me and I will hire them again for any of my appliance repairs.

Mary M. Moore

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you call for Local freezer repairman service your worker will reach with the proper devices, material, and things to analyze and fix the situation. As a responsible company, we are using economically sound procedures. Moreover, we are quick and easy to work with.

    Freezers are definitely worth repairing. It is highly inexpensive than buying a new freezer and regular inspection greatly increases its life. But if your freezer is too old and you have already spent a lot of money on your freezer then you should think of getting a new one.

    If you listen to the compressor engine operating and your freezer is not cooling, then there could be a dilemma with the condenser coils. It’s valuable to tidy up the condenser coils at least after every 6 to 12 months.

    Some of the popular reasons if a freezer stops working are if the temperature control thermostat is not working properly or stops working. The evaporator fan motor is having issues. The condenser fan engine has collapsed. Another major reason would be a glitch in the condenser coils. Call us for cheap freezer repair.

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      Express Appliance Repair is a certified and licensed company. You can trust us for your repairs  because we have done it many times before in our 25 years long experience. Our professional freezer repair services are also affordable.

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