Fast Microwave Repair Service in Lawrenceville GA With the best experts and experience of over two decades, Express appliance repair is successfully offering fast microwave repair service in Lawrenceville GA. We are an ideal option for quick residential and commercial services. Moreover, our services are according to your desires and budget.

Our mission is to become the most honest, immediate, and inexpensive microwave repair service. Meeting our client's satisfaction level by providing every person with the best services.
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About Express Appliance Repair

Express Appliance Repair is a locally operated, leading microwave repair Lawrenceville, GA. We understand that it is mandatory to put your kitchen ritual back to regular quickly. And microwaves are a necessity in everyone's kitchen. And for spending, only a day without it would be considerably difficult. 

So, to help you out we are here for your savage, our microwave repair parts services not only save your money but also give it extra protection with our advanced techniques. 

Express Appliance Repair offers immediate local microwave repair at extremely reasonable prices no matter whether the oven is not heating properly or it just has stopped working suddenly, or it has any other internal issues.


We are delivering many high-quality restorations and repairs of household equipment by experienced specialists all of which are licensed.

Freezer Repair Services

Freezers are anyhow worth repairing as they are extremely costly to purchase a new one. We have well-equipped repair persons who arrive on time, finish the desired work professionally, and cost you reasonable money. You should be certain that we will never inquire about hidden payments. We are working harder to deliver the best services to our customers because they deserve it.

AC Repair Services

If your AC is not functioning, and you are incapable of figuring out the issue, then get our AC repair services, air conditioners have vast machinery, and everything is connected, so for repairing you need a certified repairman who can handle everything efficiently. We are offering discounts as well.

Refrigerator Repair Services

From leaking water, gas filling, and the door problem of your refrigerator we are a reliable service. Get our immediate help if you encounter any crisis. We have verified staff who provide secure and premium quality service at cheap prices.


  • Expertise: Our thoughtful customer care, perfection in every job, and long-term repairs make us stand out among others..
  • Committed: We have enthusiastic workers in our company who have fastened their powers to fulfill the company’s mission.
  • Dedicated: Our crew is trustworthy and directed toward its objectives. They are highly qualified and equipped.


I am extremely thankful to every single person from the customer support to the workers who reached on time, fixed my microwave quickly, and were friendly throughout the completion of work. They have sent me the perfect microwave repairman in my area. It was a great experience. From now on, express appliance repair will be my only choice when it comes to repairing.

Margaret A. Dube

I was looking for a KitchenAid microwave repair service because it had suddenly stopped working. I was so tense because I depend on it too much.. Moreover, I arranged to get together the other day. It was the only company with this much positive feedback. And it was truly worth taking their service. They were very quick and generous. Moreover, they are the most affordable microwave repair Lawrenceville GA. Highly recommended.

Robert R. Boswell

My microwave was showing multiple issues and I was not stable financially to get a new one quickly. Express Appliance Repair was an all-in-one solution and surely the best microwave repair near me. The tuntable problem and the microwave touch panel repair cost were cheaper. They didn't get any hidden payments after starting the work. I also visited their microwave repair shop near me, they were so respectful. I just loved working with them.

Fatima D. Terry

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We take pride in offering low-cost microwave repair service in Lawrenceville GA. As a trustworthy company, we are focused on delivering quality services by competent professionals. All our services are according to your demand and desire. We are affordable, skilled and offer guarantees with every  work.

    It depends on the type of microwave oven repair parts. If it’s charging more than half the price for buying a new one then repairing is definitely not worth it. But in most of the cases when there is a problem with heating or with the turntable then you should consider repair instead of replacing.

    The most widespread problem for microwaves to stop working suddenly is a blown main fuse. The microwave central fuse will cut the process of electricity if too much current is accessed through it. There can also be thermal fuses, cavity fuses, and thermal protectors which will stop the electrical progression if the oven overwarms.

    Of course, if you have some know-how of electrical wiring then go for it. But it can be very dangerous if a random person thinks of doing such stuff. It could be extremely risky to start repairing the oven with the cover out, much more hazardous even than working on open mains electricity. An inappropriate restoration could lead to uncontrolled sparkles and other deadly issues.

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      Express Appliance Repair is a locally operated, leading microwave repair Lawrenceville, GA. We understand that it is mandatory to put your kitchen ritual back to regular quickly. And microwaves are a necessity in everyone’s kitchen. And for spending, only a day without it would be considerably difficult.

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