Fast Bail Bonds in Monroe County MI

Fast Bail Bonds is a locally owned and operated professional company that provides cash surety bail bond services in Monroe County, MI. We are an ideal solution to any of your requirements no matter how complex the case is. Moreover, we are licensed and insured. You can trust us. 

Our mission is to deliver the cheapest surety bail bond services with premium quality assurance. Being extremely quick is one of our primary goals. 

About Fast Bail Bonds

Fast bail bonds are the top-rated competent company that has been assisting customers with perfection for many years. Getting people out of the never-ending and stressful legal system makes us feel delighted.

Our surety bail bondsman is trained to endure any situation easily and efficiently. He is not Andy located at the corner of your street providing amateurish services. Every agent working at Fast bail Bond has come to us bypassing many tests. Our agents are highly qualified and knowledgeable.


We are providing several services including criminal, traffic, misdemeanor, felonies, and appeals.

Domestic Violence Services

As we provide Domestic Violence services, our major commitment is to provide emergency intervention to individuals who are dominated by domestic and family violence. This will involve harm examination and protection planning, problem counseling, case surveillance, and continual domestic violence counseling. We do all this with great responsibility.

Surety Bail Bonds

We have surety bail bond services, a bail bond operates as a surety bond, when the bondsman is practically vouching for the appellant and that they will come out to their court date. If the accused fails to appear for any of their court dates, then the bondsman will investigate compensation from the defendant for the entire amount of the bond.

Payment Plans Services

We are also the best in payment plan services. A payment plan can relate to paying off any considerable debt, or sometimes more than one debt by means of unification into a systematic payment plan. Within a payment strategy for financing, the client pays back an adjusted proportion of money every month until the balance is cleared up.


Fast Bail Bonds in Monroe County MI


I will never forget your services, I feel like I owe your professional bail bond services in Monroe County, MI. In a time of burden, stress, and chaos. They were enlightening, humane, and respectful. Hopefully, I will never require the assistance of a bail bondsman again in life, but I will indeed suggest anyone I know to you who is suffering from such hard times. Thank you very much for sincerely helping me.

McFadden Hunsicker

I can’t thank you guys sufficiently for your cheapest bail bonds in Monroe County, MI. Their professionalism was out of this world. I have never worked with a company that is that responsible. Their knowledge about single details has impressed me so much. In just two hours I was out of jail. They are my best choice till now. I have called many companies but their prices were so high I could not afford them. One of my friends told us that they were not only the cheap bail bonds near me but also skilled.

Nelson Fred

First time I was arrested, I was scared to death. I was not in my conscious, feeling like the world had come to an end. But I think for some of the good deeds God sent me Fast bail bonds as an angel. First of all, they bestowed me with peace of mind and satisfied me to the fullest that I will be out of here in no time. And they did exactly what they said! They kept me informed throughout the process and accomplished everything quickly. They're the best bail bonds indeed.

Victoria Schroeder

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Because we have a team of fully trained and extremely knowledgeable people. We are quick, we know being quick is very important for bail. We take care of all the paperwork for court and most of all we are highly affordable. We are a leading company and you can surely trust our bail bond processes.

    The defendant pays the bail bondsman a percentage of the bail proportion which is commonly 10 percent. Hence, if your bail is fixed at $5000, you can anticipate paying approximately $500 to buy a bail bond. You should prevent buying a bail bond, whenever feasible.

    A bail bond is a direction for a defendant to give money to the jail to get out of it until their court date.  Bail bond companies help these folks and sell them a surety bond. That surety bond acts as a confirmation that they will show up before the judge on the second trial date. The bail bonds companies send a bail ambassador to the judiciary to pay some proportion of the bail’s amount.

    The short answer is yes! bail bonds are worth it. It is reasonable to post bail utilizing a bail bond most of the time relatively than spending the full bail amount all by yourself. In comparison, you will be spending up to 15% of the bail percentage as an employment fee to the bail bonds agent. While posting a cash bail you need to pay 100% of the bail money.

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      This might be your first time searching for a bail bond company for you or your loved one. We all know that this is a very unwanted situation no matter if you are dealing with it the first time or the 100th time. So, without wasting time on unprofessional people you should hire a registered company like fast bail bonds. We are an honorable company working for the benefit of people for years. No matter what is the extent of your case, we have a highly knowledgeable team who can handle anything easily and quickly.

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